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ARCH 517. Egyptian Hieroglyphics. An introduction to Middle Egyptian which involves learning how to read and translate texts.

ARCH 518. Akkadian Cuneiform. An introduction to cuneiform which leads students through the techniques for transcription, transliteration, and translation of Assyrian or Babylonian literature. (2 or 4)

ARCH 521. Advanced Archaeology and the Old Testament. A study of ancient Near Eastern archaeological methods and materials and their relationship to the historical, social, and religious settings of the Old Testament, with special emphasis on Israel’s early history and the monarchic periods.

ARCH 522. Advanced Archaeology and the New Testament. A study of archaeological methods and materials of the Mediterranean world and their relationship to the historical, social, and religious settings of the New Testament, with special emphasis on the Hellenistic world, the intertestamental period, the first century A.D., and the early centuries of the Christian era.

ARCH 525. Archaeological Field Work. Field experience involving excavation, interpretation, and studies in Israel or the Mediterranean world. Graded pass/fail unless petitioned for a grade. (6)

ARCH 526. Method and Theory. A basic examination of the field of archaeology and how the history of the field affects current practice. Graded pass/fail unless petitioned for a grade. (2)

ARCH 534x. Historical Geography. See BITH 334. (2)

ARCH 536x. Religion of Ancient Israel and the Ancient Near East. See ARCH 369.

ARCH 545. Archaeology of the Classical World. Excavations, monuments, epigraphic materials, and papyri from the Minoan, Mycenaean, Aegean, and Greco-Roman times. (2)

ARCH 552x. Jewish Backgrounds of the New Testament. See BITH 552.

ARCH 554. Topics in Archaeology. Separate courses devoted to specialized topics in archaeology. (2 or 4)

ARCH 594. Seminar: Current Issues. A seminar devoted to exploring the current issues in Near Eastern archaeology that relate to biblical studies, especially those touching on historiography, historicity, social and cultural backgrounds, methodology, and faith. (2)

ARCH 695. Independent Study. (2-4)

ARCH 698. Thesis.

ARCH 699. Thesis Continuation. See M.A. Thesis/Applied Thesis/Action Research. (0) 

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