Summer Dig


Summer Dig Information 

Wheaton In Ashkelon: Archaeological dig with Harvard University

The approximate cost for the six week dig/survey is $3,300. This includes all accommodation. Add $200 for miscellaneous travel and weekend expenses. 


Travel Notice

Each student is responsible for arranging and financing their travel plans to and from Jerusalem. Average airfare rate is around $1,000.


Jerusalem University College

Information about JUC can be found at the following website: Jerusalem University College.

The approximate cost for one semester is $12,168. Please verify at the following link: JUC Tuition and Fees


Spouse or Family Information

Married students can have their own room on campus with the benefits of community, shared meals (but also shared bathrooms usually). Another option is to rent an apartment in Jerusalem. Spouses pay only the lodging and entrance fees and are able to go on all the field trips, typically, including Egypt and Jordan. It is a most exciting and fun environment and non-student spouses usually have as good a time or better than the spouse that is studying. Beyond the Bible things, Israel is a most beautiful and wonderful country with many recreational outlets.

* Admission is contingent upon current U.S. State Department travel advisories for the Middle East.

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