History of Christianity

The History of Christianity program (42 credits) equips you through teaching and mentoring with a comprehensive knowledge of Christian history that engages the fullness of the historical context across two millennia.


Studying History of Christianity you will…

Develop skills in both social and intellectual history.

Explore how biblical, theological, philosophical, social, political, economic, racial, gender, and cultural factors shaped and were shaped by Christianity.

Have the opportunity to build expertise in a period of history through concentrated study:

Integrate faith and learning as Christian scholars.

Develop skills and training for advanced academic work:

  • Language training opportunities such as in German, French, Latin, and Greek
  • Participate in the History of Christianity Graduate Student Conference
  • Participate in the “Methods in Scholarship” Seminar run by Dr. McNutt and Dr. Barbeau
  • Benefit from the “Annual Ph.D. Prep Dinner” for students seeking doctoral work

You'll have other opportunities such as…

Financial Support for Students.

  • Merit-based scholarships
  • T.A. work available

Accelerated study for Wheaton undergraduate students at reduced cost.

Study abroad for students concentrating on the Early Christian and Medieval periods:

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