Andrew Abernethy, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Old Testament
On Faculty since 2014

Office: BGC 556
Phone: (630)752-5280


Ph.D., Old Testament, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, 2012.

M.Div., Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, 2006, summa cum laude.

B.A., Liberal Studies, Bethel College (IN), 2002, magna cum laude.

About Andrew Abernethy

After a season of rebellion in my late teens, I experienced God’s mercy in Christ in a radical way and transferred to a liberal arts Christian college. A major surprise arose at my new college; though I thought the Bible was boring before, I now loved reading it, even the Old Testament. I was not naïve, however, about the challenges of understanding these ancient Scriptures. By the end of my college years, I sensed God directing me to devote my life to studying and teaching God’s word. I went on to seminary, and after a few years in pastoral ministry, I undertook further study in the Old Testament. Prior to joining the faculty at Wheaton, I was a Lecturer in Old Testament at Ridley College (Melbourne), where I benefited greatly from teaching and living with fellow Christians in a cross-cultural and post-Christian context. At Wheaton, I am excited to see students enjoy getting to know God more through the Old Testament and grow as faithful interpreters of Scripture.    

My primary research area is the book of Isaiah, though Psalms, the Latter Prophets, biblical theology, and the topic of eating attract my attention too. My most recent book, The Book of Isaiah and God’s Kingdom, intertwines exegesis and biblical theology to offer an entry into the book of Isaiah’s message through the concept of kingdom for the benefit of pastors, students, and theologically trained parishioners.   

My wife, Katie, is a professional violinist, and we have two spunky and sweet little girls. For fun, I like playing basketball and am an aspiring gardener.

Courses Taught

  • Old Testament Literature
  • Hermeneutics and Biblical Interpretation
  • Hebrew Grammar


The Book of Isaiah and God’s Kingdom: A Theological-Thematic Approach to the Book of Isaiah. New Studies in Biblical Theology 40. Downers Grove: IVP, 2016.

Eating in Isaiah: Approaching Food and Drink in Isaiah’s Structure and Message.Biblical Interpretation Series 131. Leiden: Brill, 2014.

Isaiah and Imperial Context: The Book of Isaiah in Times of Empire. Edited by Andrew T. Abernethy, Mark G. Brett, Tim Bulkeley, and Tim Meadowcroft. Eugene, OR: Pickwick, 2013.

Essays and Articles

“God as Teacher in Psalms 25.” Vetus Testamentum 65.3 (2015): 339–351.

“The People of God in Isaiah: Trembling at God’s Word.” Reflections 16–17 (2015): 27–36. [Festschrift for Eugene Carpenter]

 “‘Right Paths’ and/or ‘Paths of Righteousness’? Examining Psalm 23.3b within the Psalter.” Journal for the Study of the Old Testament 39.3 (2015): 299–318.

 “Theological Patterning in Jeremiah: A Vital Word through an Ancient Book.” Bulletin for Biblical Research 24. 2 (2014): 149–61.

“Jonathan Edwards as Multi-Dimensional Bible Interpreter: A Case Study from Isaiah 40-55.” Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society 56.4 (2013): 815–30.

“Eating, Assyrian Imperialism, and God’s Kingdom in Isaiah.” Pages 35–50 in  Isaiah and Imperial Context:  The Book of Isaiah in the Times of Empire. Edited by Andrew Abernethy, Mark Brett, Tim Bulkeley, and Tim Meadowcroft.  Eugene, OR: Pickwick, 2013.

“Spirit and Future: A Canonical Approach.” Pages 321–45 in Presence, Power and Promise: The Role of the Spirit of God in the Old Testament. Edited by David G. Firth and Paul D. Wegner. Nottingham: Apollos, 2011. With Willem A. VanGemeren.

Book Reviews

Review of Oh, Abraham Sung-Ho. Oh, That You Would Rend the Heavens and Come Down! The Eschatological Theology of Third Isaiah (Isaiah 56–66). Eugene: Pickwick, 2014. The Catholic Biblical Quarterly (forthcoming).

Review of Feasting in the Archaeology and Texts of the Bible and the Ancient Near East. Edited by Peter Altmann and Janling Fu. Winona Lake: Eisenbrauns, 2014. Bulletin for Biblical Research 25.2 (2015): 236–238.

Review of Formation and Intertextuality in Isaiah 24–27. Edited by H. C. P. Kim and J. T. Hibbard. Atlanta: SBL, 2013. Review of Biblical Literature Oct 2014.

Review of He Has Shown You What is Good: Old Testament Justice by H. G. M. Williamson. Trinity Journal 34 (2013): 89-90.

Review of Reading the Bible for All the Wrong Reasons by Russell Pregeant. Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society 55 (2012): 399-400.

Review of You Are My People: An Introduction to Prophetic Literature by Louis Stulman and Hyun Chul Paul Kim. Trinity Journal 33 (2012): 107-09.

Review of The Goodly Fellowship of the Prophets: The Achievement of Association in Canon Formation by Christopher Seitz. Trinity Journal 31 (2010): 293–294.

Review of An Unsettling God: The Heart of the Hebrew Bible by Walter Brueggemann. Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society 53/4 (2010): 806–807.

Presentations and Guest Lectures

 “Violence Against the Vine in Isaiah 1–39: The Symbolic Intersection between Viticulture, Imperial Tactics, and God’s Sovereignty,” for SBL Annual Meeting in the Biblical Hebrew Poetry unit (San Antonio), forthcoming 2016.

“Feasts and Taboo Eating in Isaiah: How Anthropology Can Stimulate the Exegete’s Imagination,” for SBL Annual Meeting in the Social Sciences and the Interpretation of the Hebrew Scriptures unit (San Antonio), forthcoming in November 2016.

“God of Israel and the Nations: Theological Reflections on Amos, Obadiah, and Jonah within the Book of the Twelve,” for the Evangelical Theological Society Annual Meeting in the Old Testament Prophets and Apocalyptic unit (San Antonio), forthcoming in November 2016.

“Is Psalm 8 a Messianic Psalm? Reading Psalm 8 as Christian Scripture,” for IRLBR Young Scholars Summit sponsored by IBR at SBL Annual Meeting (Atlanta), November 2015.

“Reading Isaiah Responsively: The Centrality of Responding to God’s Word in Isaiah’s Introduction and Conclusion,” a paper read in the Prophets and Apocalyptic Literature Section at the ETS Annual Meeting (Atlanta), November 2015. 

Participant in the Young Scholars Summit (June 2015), sponsored by IBR and IRLBL, at Tyndale House in Cambridge (U.K.) on the topic: What Makes a Psalm “Messianic”?

“Reading Isaiah Responsively: The Centrality of Responding to God’s Word in Isaiah’s Introduction and Conclusion,” a paper read at SBL Central States Regional Meeting, March 2015.

“Dining and Diversity in Isaiah,” a paper read at the SBL Midwest Regional Meeting (Bourbonnais, IL), February 2015.

“The Table and Reconciliation in Isaiah,” a contribution to the panel “Power and reconciliation at the Table” at The Tenth Annual Symposium in Human Needs and Global Resources (Wheaton College), February 2015.

“The Journey of and Advice from a Former TEDS Student on Research and Careers,” an invited lecture given to PhD students at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, March 2014.

“The Contribution of Eating to Isaiah 65-66 as a Conclusion to the Book” read at the SBL Annual Meeting (Baltimore) in the Formation of Isaiah unit, Nov 2013.

“God as Instructor in the Psalter” read at the ETS Annual Meeting (Baltimore) in the Psalms and Hebrew Poetry program unit, Nov 2013.

“Introduction” to ‘Your Kingdom Come’ in Isaiah to be presented at Ridley’s post-graduate seminar, October 2013.

“The Banquet at Zion (Isaiah 25:6-8) and Imperial Rhetoric in Isaiah 1-39” read at the SBL Annual Meeting (Chicago) in the Meals in the HB/OT consultation, November 2012.

 “Theological Patterning in Jeremiah: God’s Word to Future Generations” read at the ETS Annual Meeting (Milwaukee), November 2012.

“‘Right Paths’ and/or ‘Paths of Righteousness:’ Examining Psalm 23:3 in the Context of the Psalter” read at the ETS Annual Meeting (San Francisco), Nov 2011.

 “Eating, Assyrian Imperialism, and God’s Kingdom in Isaiah” read at Isaiah and Empire colloquium (Auckland), February 2011. 

“Isaiah, Eating, and Anthropology: An Example of How Anthropology Can Help the Exegete” read at the ETS Annual Meeting (Atlanta), Nov 2010.

“The Future in Isaiah and Ethics Now” read at the ETS Annual Meeting (New Orleans), Nov 2009.
“Is the City Left Behind for Greener Pastures in Isaiah 32:9–20? The Contribution of Isaiah 32:19” read at the ETS Annual Meeting (Rhode Island), Nov 2008.

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