Mark Amstutz, Ph.D.

Professor of Political Science, Department of Politics and International Relations
On Faculty since 1972

Phone: (630)752-5898


Ph.D., International Relations, School of International Service, American University, Washington, D. C., 1972.

M.A., Latin American Studies, American University, 1967.

B.A., History, Houghton College, Houghton, N.Y., 1965.

About Mark Amstutz

Professor Amstutz' major academic interests are in international affairs and, more specifically, the role of ethics in the conduct of foreign relations. He has written international relations texts and undertaken pioneering research on the role of international political morality. His International Ethics book is used widely in American colleges and universities. The fourth edition was published in 2013. In 2005 he published The Healing of Nations, which addresses the challenges of confronting and overcoming regime human rights abuses. His most recent book, Evangelicals and American Foreign Policy, published in 2014, describes and assesses the role of Evangelicals in global affairs. In recent years he has carried out research on the political ethics of U.S. immigration policy and the results of his investigation will be published by Eerdmans in 2017. The anticipated title of the book is Just Immigration: U.S. Policy in Christian Perspective.

For more than four decades Prof. Amstutz' passion has been to teach and equip Wheaton students to serve the Kingdom of Christ in public life--whether through law, political organizations, government, the military, think tanks, education, relief and development agencies, and non-governmental organizations.

Prof. Amstutz grew up in Latin America and has traveled widely as a teacher and scholar. He has directed programs in Europe and Cuba and led a two-week program in Argentina and Chile in 2011. For more than a decade he served as a reserve naval attaché, retiring as a Commander from the U.S. Naval Reserve in 1993.

He and his wife Donna, a clinical psychologist, have two married daughters and are the proud grandparents of Tate and Elsa Dahlgren and Eleanor, Brendan, and Tyler Wiltfang.

Professor Amstutz is a member of a local church and loves sailing and cycling.

Courses Taught

  • International Politics
  • U.S. Foreign Policy
  • Ethics and U. S. Foreign Policy
  • Third World Politics and Development
  • Forgiveness and Political Reconciliation
  • International Law
  • Senior Seminar

Other Courses He Has Taught

  • Theories of War and Peace
  • Leadership
  • International Human Rights and Foreign Policy
  • Freedom: Theory and Practice (funded with Templeton Foundation grant)

Membership in Professional Societies

  • American Political Science Association
  • International Studies Association


His main area of research interest is international political ethics. Currently he is carrying out research on the political ethics of immigration.



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