Gary Burge, Ph.D.

Professor of New Testament
On Faculty since 1992

Office: BGC 554
Phone: (630)752-5932


Ph.D., New Testament, King's College, The University of Aberdeen, Scotland, 1983

M.Div., Theological Studies, Fuller Theological Seminary, 1978

B.A., Political Science, University of California, Riverside, 1974

About Gary Burge

As I teach New Testament at Wheaton, I want my students to grasp how knowing the unique world of the Middle East in antiquity shapes how we read the New Testament today. Jesus' cultural reflexes were different than ours and unless we understand him in his world, we risk misrepresenting his story. The setting of first century Palestine must be the lens through which we read the gospels. This has been the passion of my career since the 1970s and I want my students to inherit it.

When Lebanon's tragic civil war broke out in the early 1970s, I was a student at the American University of Beirut studying politics and Islam. I never realized what an indelible mark this year would put on me as this dangerous national tragedy unfolded before our eyes. Since the university witnessed sporadic closures, I began studying at Beirut's Near East School of Theology (an Arab-Armenian seminary) and there for the first time was exposed to the technical study of the New Testament (under the guidance of Dr. Kenneth E. Bailey). It seemed that from here my life found its twin navigational markers: the New Testament and the world of the Middle East.

Following graduation from Fuller Seminary in 1978, I completed a Ph.D. in New Testament at King's College, Aberdeen University, Scotland, under Professor I. Howard Marshall. In 1987 my research was published as The Anointed Community, The Holy Spirit in the Johannine Tradition (Eerdmans) and this launched a longstanding interest in the literature of John which continues to this day (see bibliography). But in addition, I have also retained my passion for the Middle East. Here too there has been evolution and specialization. Teaching the historical geography of Israel on site has today become a specialized interest in New Testament Galilee. But in addition, I have had the good fortune of being befriended by many Palestinian Christian pastors and learning with dismay about the suffering of the Palestinian church in modern Israel. In 1993 I wrote a study of this dilemma entitled, Who Are God's People in the Middle East? (Zondervan). I have also become active in an evangelical advocacy group, Evangelicals for Middle East Understanding, which works to facilitate dialogue between Arab and western church leaders. In 2003 I wrote a second, more thorough volume on Palestine entitled, Whose Land? Whose Promise? What Christians Are Not Being Told About Israel and the Palestinians (Pilgrim Press).  This has been completely revised and will appear in a second edition in 2013.

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Courses Taught

  • New Testament Literature, BiTh 213
  • Christian Thought, BiTh 315
  • Jesus of Nazareth, BiTh 351
  • The Gospel of John, BiTh 457
  • New Testament Criticism, BiTh 452 & 543
  • Paul's Letter to the Romans, BiTh 461
  • Theology of the Promised Land, BiTh 469

Membership in Professional Societies

  • Institute for Biblical Research
  • Tyndale Fellowship for Biblical Research [Cambridge, England]
  • The Society of Biblical Literature
  • Evangelicals for Middle East Understanding
  • Holy Land Ecumenical Fellowship


  • The Gospel and Letters of John
  • The history of New Testament criticism
  • The history and significance of Galilee for New Testament study
  • 'Life of Jesus' research
  • The political history of the Arab-Israeli conflict
  • Evangelicals, Biblical theology and modern Israel
  • The history of the Arabic and Syriac-speaking churches of the Middle East
  • The "Holy Land" and theology in early Judaism and Christianity



A Week in the Life of Capernaum (Downer’s Grove: IVP: forthcoming 2014)

Mapping Our Academic Careers: The Three Cohorts of a College Professor’s Life (forthcoming, 2014)

Interpreting the Gospel of John. A Guidebook for Students.  [second edition, fully revised] (Grand Rapids: Baker Academic, 2013)

Whose Land?  Whose Promise? What Christians Are Not Being Told About Israel and the Palestinians  [second edition, revised] (Cleveland/London: Pilgrim Press/Paternoster, 2013)

General Editor with D. Lauber, Theological Questions Our Students Ask (Downer’s Grove: IVP, forthcoming, 2013)

General Editor with A. Hill: The Evangelical One Volume Commentary on the Bible, (Grand Rapids: Baker, 2012)

Jesus and the Festivals of Judaism [Ancient Context, Ancient Faith Series, vol 4] (Grand Rapids: Zondervan, forthcoming 2012)

Mapping Your Academic Career: Developmental Issues for Faculty (forthcoming)

Series Editor: Images of God in the Old Testament by Tim Laniak  [Ancient Context, Ancient Faith Series, vol 6] (Grand Rapids: Zondervan, forthcoming 2012)

Series Editor: The Way of the Desert: Monastery Life After Jesus by Brad Nassif [as General Editor] [Ancient Context, Ancient Faith Series, vol 5] (Grand Rapids: Zondervan, forthcoming 2012)

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Whose Land?  Whose Promise? What Christians Are Not Being Told About Israel and the Palestinians (Cleveland/London: Pilgrim Press/Paternoster, 2003)
Publication Awards:
Christianity Today
Book Award: Honorable Mention, May 2004
Christian Century “Best Seller-Recommended List,” May 2004
Forward Magazine, Book of the Year Finalist, May 2004

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“The Church and the Problem of the Israel-Palestine Conflict,” Summit Leadership Conference, Willow Creek Church, S. Barrington, IL.  August 2011

“Spirit-Inspired Theology and Ecclesial Correction:  Charting One Shift in the Development of Johannine Ecclesiology and Pneumatology” McAfee Symposium on the Johannine Epistles; The 2010 Peter Rhea and Ellen Jones Lectures in New Testament.  McAfee School of Theology, Mercer University.  Atlanta, GA.  November, 2010.

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Instructional DVD Productions

“With God on Our Side,” P. Speakman, ed., Rooftop Productions (2010)

“The Life of Jesus,” Deeper Connections Video Series, Williams, M. ed., (Grand Rapids: Zondervan: 2009)

“The Death of Jesus,” Deeper Connections Video Series, Williams, M. ed., (Grand Rapids: Zondervan: 2009)

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Popular Books, Children’s Books

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Daily Dose of Knowledge: Bible (2008)

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The Bible: A to Z (1998)

Children’s Book of the Bible (1997)

The Bible Almanac. People, Places and Events in the Bible (1997)

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