Larry Eskridge, Ph. D.

Guest Instructor in History
On Faculty since 1992

Office: BL 216
Phone: (630)752-5937
Fax: (630)752-5294


Ph.D. University of Stirling, Scotland, 2005.

University of Notre Dame: 15 hours taken in the History Dept. as part-time doctoral student, 1992-1995.

M.A. (History), University of Maryland at College Park, May 1985.

B.A. (History/English-Communications) summa cum laude, Trinity College (IL), May 1982.

About Larry Eskridge

Dr. Eskridge joined the Institute in the role of Interim Administrator in 1988 and has served as its associate director since 1993. Additionally, over the years he has taught a number of courses on American history and the history of American religion for Wheaton’s History department.

Dr. Eskridge is the author of a book on the Jesus People movement of the 1960s and 1970s, God’s Forever Family: The Jesus People Movement in America (Oxford University Press, 2013).  With Mark Noll, he was co-editor of More Money, More Ministry: Evangelicals and Money in Recent North American History (Eerdmans, 2000). Eskridge is also the executive producer of a recently-released, ISAE-produced, 6-part DVD series entitled People of Faith: Christianity in America (Vision Video, 2012).  Recently he has been enlisted to write the entry on "North American Evangelicalism" for the World Evangelical Alliance's forthcoming Handbook of Evangelicals in the 21st Century (Stiller & Hutchinson, editors).

Membership in Professional Societies

  • American Historical Association
  • American Society of Church History
  • Conference on Faith & History
  • Society of Pentecostal Studies
  • Baptist History & Heritage Society
  • Advisory Board, Institute for the Study of Asian American Christianity (ISAAC)

Courses Taught:

  • The Vietnam War
  • The 1960s and Cultural Change
  • Modern American Evangelicalism Since 1941
  • The Jesus People Movement & American Evangelicalism
  • Pop Music in American Culture, 1940-1999
  • U.S. History 
  • The South in American History


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