Nadine Folino-Rorem, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Marine & Invertebrate Biology
On Faculty since 1993

Phone: (630)752-7038
Fax: (630)752-7278


Ph.D University of New Hampshire, Durham, N.H. 1989
"The dynamics of a nudibranch-hydroid association: Cuthona nana and Hydractinia echinata"

M.S. University of New Hampshire, Durham, N.H. 1985
"The effects of predation by the nudibranch Cuthona nana on growth patterns and interactions among colonies of the hydroid Hydractinia echinata"

B.S. University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Ohio
Honors, Cum Laude, 1980

About Nadine Folino-Rorem

- Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant 2006-2008: Alterations of Lake Michigan benthic communities by the invasive hydroid, Cordylophora caspia: effects on fish prey. Nadine C. Folino-Rorem, Wheaton College and Martin B. Berg, Department of Biology, Loyola University Chicago

- General ecology, invasive history and systematics of Cordylophora spp.: in collaboration with John Darling, EPA, Cincinnati, Ohio

-The dynamics of the association of the hydroid, Cordylophora spp. with the zebra mussel, Dreissena polymorpha:in collaboration with James Stoeckel, Miami University, Ohio 

Sports of all types, especially outdoor sports, scuba diving, cooking, pottery

Courses Taught

  • BIOL 241 College Biology I
  • BIOL 242 College Biology II
  • BIOL 303 Contemporary Issues in Biology
  • BIOL 314 Environmental Science
  • BIOL 252 Biological Systems
  • BIOL 353 Stream Ecology
  • BIOL 365 Marine Biology
  • BIOL 368 Invertebrate Zoology
  • BIOL 494 Senior Capstone 

Membership in Professional Societies

  • North American Benthological Society
  • Sigma Xi
  • The American Scientific Affiliation
  • Xerces Society


  • Ecology, taxonomy and physiological adaptability of the colonial hydroid, Cordylophora spp. 
  • Collaborative research with Jim Soteckel (Miami University, Ohio) and Wheaton College undergradutes: Assessing the the association between two invasive speices in Lake Michigan, the hydroid, Cordylophora spp. with the zebra mussel, Dreissena polymorpha

Papers Published and/or Presented

  • Nadine C. Folino-Rorem, D’Ausilio, Cori Ann, Nancy Schable, John A. Darling. (2007). Genetic analysis reveals multiple cryptic species for the invasive, euryhaline hydrozoan genus Cordylophora. IN PREP Biological Invasions.
  • Folino-Rorem, NC, Sauer, Joe and Klassen, Lindsey (2007) The Effects of Salinity on the Growth and Morphology of the Colonial Hydroid Cordylophora spp. IN PREP: Journal of Experimental Zoology.
  • Folino-Rorem, NC and James Stoeckel (2006) Exploring the coexistence of the hydroid Cordylophora caspia and the zebra mussel Dreissena polymorpha: counterbalancing effects of filamentous substrate and predation. Aquatic Invaders 17 (2): 8-16 (read article pdf)
  • Folino-Rorem, Nadine, James Stoeckel, Emily Thorn and Laura Page (2006) Effects of artificial filamentous substrate on zebra mussel (Dreissena polymorpha) settlement. Biological Invasions 8:89-96 (read article pdf)
  • Folino-Rorem, NC and Jennifer Indelicato (2005) Controlling biofouling caused by the colonial hydroid Cordylophora caspia. Water Research 39:2731-2737 (read article pdf)
  • Folino-Rorem, Nadine C., Nathan Lee, Hannah Muller, and Esther Papp, The adaptive life history of an invasive, euryhaline hydroid, Cordylophora caspia. 14th International Invasive Species Conference. Key Biscayne, Florida, May 2006.
  • D’Ausilio, Cori Ann and N.C. Folino-Rorem. Molecular and Morphological Analyses of the Euryhaline Colonial Hydroid Cordylophora spp. Benthic Ecology Meetings. Williamsburg, Virginia. April 2005.
  • Folino-Rorem, Nadine, James Stoeckel, Laura Page, and Emily Thorn. Effects of Natural and Artificial Filamentous Substrate on Settlement of Zebra Mussel Larvae. 13th International Invasive Species Conference. Ennis, Ireland, September, 2004.
  • Folino-Rorem, Nadine C., Jim Stoeckel, Emily Thorn, Laura Page, Chris Flinn. The Effects of the Hydroid Cordylophora sp. and Filamentous Substrate on Larval Settlement in the Zebra Mussel (Dreissena polymorpha). 12th International Conference on Aquatic Invasive Species. June 9-12, 2003. Windsor, Ontario, Canada.
  • Folino-Rorem, N. C., J.A. Stoeckel, E.E. Thorn, L.C. Page, C. Flinn. Effects of a colonial hydrozoan, Cordylophora sp. and filamentous substrate on larval settlement in the zebra mussel (Dreissena polymorpha). 51st Annual North American Benthological Society meetings. May 27-31, 2003. Athens, GA.
  • Page, L., E. Thorn and N.C. Folino-Rorem. 2003. Proceedings of the Mississippi River Research Consortium, Volume 35, April 25-26th, 2003. Annual Meetings, La Crosse, WI. Won Best Student Presentation Award.
  • Folino, N. C. 2000. Aspects of Colonial Hydroid Cordylophora (Phylum Cnidaria, Class Hydrozoa) as a Freshwater Invader and its association with Zebra Mussels. 10th International Aquatic Nuisance Species Conference. Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Feb. 14-18, 2000
  • Folino NC (2000) The freshwater expansion and classification of the colonial hydroid Cordylophora. Marine Bioinvasions: Proceedings of the First National Conference, January 24-27, 1999: 139-144 (read article pdf)
  • Folino, N. C. 1999. The Distribution of the Colonial Hydroid Cordylophora (Phylum Cnidaria, Class Hydrozoa). The First National Conference on Marine Bioinvasions. January 24-27, 1999. MIT, Cambridge MA.
  • Folino, Nadine C. and Philip O. Yund (1998) The distribution of hydroid sibling species on hermit crabs in estuaries in the Gulf of Maine. Estuaries 21 (4B): 829-836 (read article pdf)
  • Folino, Nadine C. (1997) The role of prey mobility in the population ecology of the nudibranch Cuthona nana (Gastropoda: Opisthobranchia) 14 (1): 17-25 (read article pdf)
  • Folino, Nadine. (1993) Feeding and growth of the aeolid nudibranch Cuthona nana (Alder and Hancock, (1842). Journal of Molluscan Studies 59: 5-12 (read article pdf)

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