James Halteman, Ph.D.

Carl R. Hendrickson Professor of Business and Economics Emeritus

Phone: (630)752-5312


Ph.D., economics, The Pennsylvania State University - 1974

M.A., economics, The Pennsylvania State University - 1971

B.A. history, secondary education, Goshen College - 1966

About James Halteman

Since the 18th century, mainstream economic analysis has been viewed as a science much like classical physics and the data it uses has been treated as value free. Most economic work adopts a rational choice framework that focuses primarily on the egoistic motivations of behavior. Except at the policy level this makes moral reflection irrelevant and ignores many non-egoistic motivations underlying our actions. By studying the moral philosophy of Adam Smith and tapping into the more recent work on non-egoistic motivations of behavior there is opportunity to relate more directly to the underlying values and philosophical orientation of economic life. This effort to emphasize moral reflection in economics, even at the data level, provides the foundation for Halteman's research. Jim and Jane have two married children, both pursuing academic careers in philosophy. Jane co-manages a Ten Thousand Villages third world crafts store and is a spiritual director. Jim and Jane attend Lombard Mennonite Church where they sing in the choir and teach Sunday school. Apart from family and church activity, Jim enjoys golf, home improvement projects and travel.

Courses Taught

  • Intermediate microeconomics
  • Government finance
  • European political economy
  • International business
  • The history of economic thought

Membership in Professional Societies

  • American Economic Association (AEA)
  • Association of Christian Economists (ACE)
  • Association for Study of Religion, Economics, and Culture (ASREC)


Moral Reflection in Economic Thinking from the Ancient World to Modern Times

Papers Published and/or Presented

Selected Papers and Presentations

Halteman, James, The Clashing Worlds of Economics and Faith. (Eugene, OR: Wipf and Stock Publishers, 1995) [Revised edition of Market Capitalism and Christianity]

Halteman, James, Study Guide and Instructor's Manual to accompany Microeconomics and Behavior by Robert Frank, (New York: McGraw‑Hill Publishing Co., 2009. 8th edition.)

Halteman, James, "Why Christians Differ on Money", Conciliation Quarterly Winter 1998, Vol. 17, No. 1.

Halteman, James, "Across the Bridge of Time: Carrying Biblical Economic Principles into our Modern Lives", Sharing, Winter 1998, Volume 32, Number 3.

Halteman, James, "The Market System, The Poor, and Economic Theory" chapter 3, Toward a Just and Caring Society, ed. by David Gushee, (Baker Books, 1999.)

Halteman, James, "A Mennonite Approach to Business Ethics", Spiritual Goods: Faith Traditions and the Practice of Business, Stewart W. Herman, editor. (PhilosophyDocumentation Center, 2001) pp. 275-91.

Presented a paper "The Moral Hierarchy of Adam Smith", Illinois Economic Association annual meetings November 2, 1996.

Presented a paper: "Adam Smith and Thorstein Veblen as Inspiration for a Social Economics." (Cambridge, UK: Tenth World Congress of Association of Social Economists. August, 2000.)

Halteman, James, "Adam Smith and the Prospects for Moral Reflection in the Enlightenment," presented at a conference, Baylor University, November, 2002.

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