John Hayward Jr., Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Computer Science Emeriti
On Faculty since 1979

Phone: (630)752-5871


Ph.D. Physics, University of California, Riverside, 1977

M.S. Computer Science, Univerity of California Riverside, 1977

M.S. Physics, Univeristy of Califonia, Riverside, 1974

B.S. Physics, Math, Wheaton College, 1971

Courses Taught at Wheaton

  • CSCI 135 Computer Literacy
  • CSCI 215 Web Design and Programming
  • CSCI 241 Intro. to Problem Solving and Programming
  • CSCI 242 Programming Methodology
  • CSCI 345 Information Structures
  • CSCI 355 Computer Systems and Computer Organization
  • CSCI 357 Languages and Systems
  • CSCI 361 Computer Graphics
  • CSCI 371 Database Management Systems
  • CSCI 394 Seminar - ECommerce
  • CSCI 394 Seminar - Object Oriented Design
  • CSCI 394 Seminar - Network Programming
  • CSCI 395 Team Software Project

Professional Activities

  • WebAutoForm - Form Generation with data validation for MySQL - Presented MySQL Users Conference Spring 2003
  • Tutorial - CCSC Fall 2002 - Open Source Tools for Web Forms with Databases - FormOMatic
  • Talk - Midwest Computer Confernece Spring 2002 - Making room for Unix on Windows 2000

Research Areas

  • Database/Web interface
  • Operating Systems
  • Programming Languages
  • Professional Memberships
  • Association for Computing Machinery
  • Association of Christians in the Mathematical Sciences

Why I Like Computer Science

Computer Science fall nicely between Mathematics (the basis which most fundamental computer science principles are based) and Physics. Physics is the most mathematical science which is based in nature while Mathematics does not need to concern itself with natural limitations. Computer Science is concerned with efficient algorithms. These algorithms are not based in nature but because computers are implemented in physical systems are limited to those things which can realistically be computed.

Another point about Computer Science is that it is concerned with organizing details into abstract structures and models so humans can understand things. A graphical image on the screen is nothing more than millions of 0s or 1s changing. Like Physics the whole world of computing is build on very elementary items. However Computer Science has methods for abstracting this information and action into concepts which we can understand.

The human spirit has a desire to create (because we are made in the image of God). Computer Science provides an outlet for creating programs/tools/systems. Even in the first Introduction Computer Science students get a bang out of creating things in Computer Science.

Christ was a servant and we as his followers are to be servants too. Because Computer Science is used in many areas today there are many opportunities to serve others by using the set of skills developed while studying Computer Science.


My wife Linda teaches ESL at a school in Glen Ellyn. Our oldest son Jonathan has started advanced studies in Theology at Cambridge University (St. Edumunds College) this fall. Matthew reciently finished is masters degree at UIUC in Computer Science and is currently in the database administration group at Kirk and Joe are juniors at Wheaton North high school and participate in Band, Sololatic Bowl and stage tech/crew. The family at home is quite involved in a local church - Linda is currently the recorder, I've been involved in computer support, Joe and Kirk are involved in the youth program. We like to be outdoors and camping when we can. We love to go to Hume Lake in the Sierra Nevada mountains in California. Last summer we were able to camp in the California central coast area near Hurst Castle. We sometimes take on handyman projects as a family.

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