Paul Isihara, Ph.D.

Professor of Mathematics
On Faculty since 1987


Ph.D. SUNY Buffalo, 1987
Dissertation on analytical and numerical analysis of a non-linear ordinary differential equation model arising in neurobiology.

B.A. Houghton College, 1979

About Paul Isihara

Dr. Paul Isihara joined Wheaton's faculty in 1987 after lecturing two years at Rochester Institute of Technology while completing his dissertation. He enjoys teaching students in many different areas and levels of college mathematics, and has been involved with undergraduate research in several different fields including atonal music theory, knot theory, cwatset theory, relational database theory, wind turbines, dynamical systems and HIV/AIDS modelling.

Dr. Isihara is also passionate about ministry, and has experience working with inner-city youth, mentally ill, homeless, and internationals. He is currently involved with development of an engineering college in Tigray, Ethiopia and with Japanese churches in Chicago and Tokyo.

He has a lifelong interest in playing classical and worship music on violin.

Courses Taught

  • Math 101 Quantitative Skills
  • Math 218, 231, 232, 331 Calculus at Different Levels
  • Math 243 Discrete Math
  • Math 255, 341 Linear and Modern Algebra
  • Math 394, 485 Seminars and Advanced Topics

Membership in Professional Societies

  • Mathematical Association of America (various years)
  • Association of Christians in the Mathematical Sciences


Discrete Math and research experiences for undergraduates.



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"A Conjectured Paradigm Shift in Twenty-First Century Mathematics Pedagogy," presented at the Ninth ACMS Conference, Westmont College on June 5, 1993. Paper included in conference proceedings.

"Mathematical Equivalence of Musical Chords," presented at the AMSIMAA Joint National Meetings, Cincinnati Ohio on January 15, 1994.

"Mathematical Representations of Musical Chords," presented during the Integrated Science Seminar Series, Northwestern University on April 11, 1994.

"Maple Analysis of Knots", presented at the 14th Annual International Conference on Technology in Collegiate Mathematics, Baltimore Maryland on November 2, 2001.

"Highlights of My Research with Undergraduates," presented at a Natural Science Division seminar, International Christian University, Tokyo, Japan in 2005.

Invited panelist on undergraduate research, 17th ACMS Conference, Wheaton College on May 27 , 2009.

“HCJB Applied Math Seminar: Mathematics of Digital Signal Processing” at the HCJB Global Tech Center, Elkhart, IN on July 31, 2012.

“Mobile and Mapping Tools for Emergency Disaster Response” at the HCJB Global Tech Center, Elkhart IN on Aug. 8, 2013.

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