Alexander Loney, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Ancient Languages
On Faculty since 2015

Office: Wyngarden 205
Phone: (630)752-5631


Ph.D., Classical Studies, Duke University, 2010
Dissertation: “Narrative Revenge and the Poetics of Justice in the Odyssey: A Study on Tisis.”

American School of Classical Studies at Athens, Summer Session I, (2008 summer)  

A.B., Classical Language and Literature, with highest honors, University of Michigan, 2004 

Areas of Interest

  • Early/classical Greek literature (esp. epic & lyric)
  • Ethical theory & criticism
  • Greek religion/myth
  • Historical/general linguistics
  • Homeric reception
  • New Testament


Book under contract

2016 The Oxford Handbook of Hesiod, co-editor with S. Scully (under contract with Oxford University Press, in progress and forthcoming in 2016).

Book in preparation

“There Will Be Vengeance”: The Ethics of Revenge and the Meanings of the Odyssey (in progress).


2016 “Hesiod’s Temporalities,” in The Oxford  Handbook of Hesiod (see above).

2016 “Introduction” and “Appendix” (with S. Scully) in The Oxford Handbook of Hesiod (see above).

2016 “How to End an Epic Journey: The End of the Odyssey and of Memory,” in Yale Classical Studies (in progress and forthcoming).

2015 “Eurykleia’s Silence and Odysseus’ Enormity: The Multiple Meanings of Odysseus’ Triumphs,” in S. Lindheim & H. Morales, eds., New Perspectives on Homer (Cambridge University Press, in press).

2015 Entries on “Home” and “Theme” in The Cambridge Homer (under contract with Cambridge University Press, forthcoming).

2014 “Hesiod’s Incorporative Poetics in the Theogony and the Contradictions of Prometheus,” The American Journal of Philology 135: 503–31.

2011“Grammatical and Ethical Ambiguities in Alcman 1.34–39,” Classical Philology 106: 343–49.

2009 “Victims of the Gods’ Vengeance,” First Drafts@Classics@.

2007 “Narrative Structure and Verbal Aspect Choice in Luke,” Filología Neotestamentaria 18: 3–31.


2013 Anna Bonifazi, Homer’s Versicolored Fabric (Washington, 2012). The Classical Journal-Online (2013.3.10).

2008 Andrew Dalby, Rediscovering Homer: Inside the Origins of the Epic (New York, 2007). Bryn Mawr Classical Review (2008.01.50).

Papers Given -  Invited

2015 Respondent to Tobias Myers, 13th meeting of MACTe, Columbia University, May 2nd

2015 “Revenge Without End? Tisis and the Meaning of the Odyssey,” Brigham Young University, February 25th

2014 “Blood Vengeance from Hesiod to Dante,” Medieval Lunch, Yale University, April 29th

2014 “The Greek Aetiology of Negative Reciprocity,” Workshop in Ancient Societies, Yale University, February 14th

2014 “‘There Will Be Vengeance’: Tisis in the Odyssey,” Department of Classics, University of California-Santa Barbara, January 24th

2013 “The Revenge Paradigm in the Odyssey” 10th meeting of MACTe, Harvard University, December 7th

2013 Respondent to Paul Kosmin, 9th meeting of MACTe, Boston College, May 4th

2013 “The Staged Indeterminacy of Zachery Mason’s Lost Books of the Odyssey,” School of Classics, University of St Andrews, February 5th

2013 “An Ethical Hermeneutic of the Odyssey,” School of Classics, University of St Andrews, February 1st

2013 “Hesiod’s Incorporative Poetics in the Mecone Episode,” School of Classics, University of St. Andrews, January 30th

2012 “The Contexts of the Contest of Prometheus and Zeus in the Theogony,” 8th meeting of MACTe, College of the Holy Cross, December 1st

2012 “The Contest of Hesiod’s Zeus and Prometheus in its Panhellenic Context,” Greco-Roman Lunch, Yale University, November 5th

2012 “Vengeance, Narrative, and the Program of the Odyssey,” Department of Classical Studies, University of Wisconsin, Madison, February 13th

2010 “Immanent Justice: Nature, Religion, and the Diction of Justice,” Franklin Humanities Institute, Duke University, April 28th

2010 “The Program of the Odyssey: The Ethics of Storytelling and Story-listening,” Department of Classics, Xavier University, February 17th

2009 “Autobiographical discourse and the conception of the self in Homeric poetry,” Brown-bag talk, Department of Classical Studies, Duke University, December 10th

Papers Given - Refereed

2014 “eklesis and the Importance of the Last Scene of the Odyssey,” CAMWS - Southern Section Biennial Meeting, Fredericksburg, October 17th

2014 “The Ironies of Petrification and Homer’s Phaeacians,” CAAS Annual Meeting, Washington, DC, October 10th

2012 “A Narratology of Revenge in the Odyssey,” APA Annual Meeting, Philadelphia, January 6th

2011 “The Enigmatic The Enigmatic as Christian Poetic Aesthetic,” Midwest Regional Conference on Christianity and Literature, University of St. Francis, September 24th

2011 “Herodotean ‘Crime’ and the ‘Completion’ of Justice,” CAMWS Annual Meeting, Grand Rapids, April 9th

2011 “‘Home is Everything’: Spielberg’s Munich as an Ambivalent Reading of the Odyssey,” 13th Annual Comparative Literature Conference (“Nostos”), South Carolina University, March 24th

2010 “Zachary Mason's Postmodern Odyssey,” CAMWS- Southern Section Biennial Meeting, Richmond, October 29th

2010 “Autobiomythos: Narratives of Self in Homeric Poetry,” APA Annual Meeting, Anaheim, January 7th

2008 “‘Framing’ Odysseus: An Application of Neoanalysis to the Odyssey,” CAMWS-Southern Section Biennial Meeting, Asheville, November 14th

2008 “The Greek Riddle: Considerations of Genre, Occasion, and Poetics of the griphos,” CAMWS Annual Meeting, Tucson, April 17th

2006 “The Tradition of Crete in Homeric Poetry,” Graduate Student Conference, Department of the Classics, Harvard University, April 22nd

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