Min-Dong Paul Lee, Ph.D.

Norris A. Aldeen Chair of Business and Associate Professor of Business
On Faculty since 2012

Phone: (630)752-5312
Fax: (630)752-7037


Ph.D., Sociology,  Cornell University, 2006
Concentration: Economic Sociology, Organizational Sociology

M.A., East Asian Studies, University of Toronto, May 2000

M.Div., Regent College, 1999

B.A., Honours, University of Toronto, 1996

About Min-Dong Paul Lee

My passion is to see God’s people redeem and transform businesses to serve Christ and His Kingdom.  I came to Wheaton with a very diverse set of experiences (e.g. ministry, corporate career and international development) and training (e.g. theology, history, sociology and business management).  I am elated that, at Wheaton, all these experiences and training can come together in a meaningful way toward equipping God’s people to make positive impacts in the marketplace.  Currently, the focus of my research revolves around three themes: corporate social responsibility, compassion in workplace and faith and business as mission.  On the personal side, God has blessed me with a wonderful and godly wife, Caroline, and three hilarious children who cause me to give thanks to the Lord all the time.

Courses Taught

  • Principles of Management
  • Senior Seminar
  • Business Analysis & Strategy

Professional Services

  • Editorial Board, Journal of Creativity and Innovation, 2008-
  • Editorial Board, Organization & Environment Journal, 2010-

Research Interests

  • Corporate social responsibility and sustainable enterprise
  • Compassion in workplace
  • Business as mission
  • Faith and business ethics


Selected Articles or Book Chapters

“Doing Incarnational Business as Mission: A Case study in India.” (with Winnie Fung and Joey Jung, 2016) Evangelical Missions Quarterly. Vol. 52, No. 2, pp. 118-127.

“Filtering Institutional Logics: Community Logic Variation and Differential Responses to the Institutional Complexity of Toxic Waste.” (with Michael Lounsbury, 2015). Organization Science, Vol. 26, No. 3, pp. 847–866.

“Images of God in the Marketplace.” (with Marc Cortez and Lee Augsburger, 2015). In Business Ethics Today: The Sacred and the Market, edited by Philip J. Clements. Basking Ridge: The Center for Christian Business Ethics Today. 

“Sustainable Global Enterprise: Perspectives of Stuart Hart, Ans Kolk, Sanjay Sharma and Sandra Waddock.” (With Aarti Sharma, 2012)  Journal of Management Inquiry.  Vol. 21, No. 2, pp. 161-178.

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Adaptation of Job-based Compensation System and National Labor Policy (With Changwon Lee, Minsoo Song, Yunho Kim, 2015; Book published in Korean). Seoul: Korea Labor Institute.

Corporate Social Responsibility and Labor Relations (With Changwon Lee and Young-Hee Kang, 2007; Book published in Korean).  Seoul: Korea Labor Institute.

Improvement of Supply Chain Labor Relations through Corporate Social Responsibility (With Changwon Lee and Hyun-Jung Park, 2012; Bookpublished in Korean).  Seoul: Korea Labor Institute.
Conference Presentations
“The Institutional Logics and the Role of Community in Complex Governance Systems.” (August, 2011)  Presented at the Academy of Management Annual Meeting, San Antonio, Texas.

“Embedded Expectancy: Explaining the Variability in Moderating Effects of Social Support on Occupational Stress.”  (October, 2010)  Presented at the Southern Management Association Meeting, St. Pete Beach, Florida.

“Under Pressure: Community Amplification of Protest and Corporate Response.” (August, 2010)  Presented at the Academy of Management Annual Meeting, Montreal, Canada.

“Sustainable Global Enterprise: Building Research on Caring and Daring MNEs.”  (August, 2010)  Co-organizer of the Professional Development Workshop, Academy of Management Annual Meeting, Montreal, Canada

“Domesticating Radical Rant and Rage: An Exploration of the Consequences of Environmental Shareholder Resolutions onCorporate Environmental Performance.”  (September, 2009)  Presented at Business and Society Special Issue conference on “Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Sustainability,” Albany, NY

“Institutional Dissonance and Bridging: A New Perspective on the Relationship between Religion and Development.”  (September, 2009)  Presented at Development Studies Association Conference, Coleraine, Northern Ireland.

“Social Movement Activism and Corporate Environmental Performance: Direct Action, Community Norms and Organizational Heterogeneity.” (May, 2009)  Presented at the Alliance for Research of Corporate Sustainability Conference, The Erb Institute, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan.

“Knowledge Enactment: The Linkage between an Organization’s Innovation Performance and Human Resource Practices.”  (August, 2008) Presented at the Academy of Management Annual Meeting, Anaheim, California.

“Social Movement and Corporate Environmental Behavior.”  (August, 2008)  Presented at the 103rd Annual Meeting of the American Sociological Association, Boston, Massachusetts.

“Building Sustainable Competitive Advantage through People.”  (November 2007)  Presented at EPS Forum, Seoul, South Korea.

“Shareholder Activism, Industry Collective Action and Corporate Environmental Behavior: A Social Movement Approach to Stakeholder Influence on Organizations.”  (August, 2007)  Presented at the Academy of Management Annual Meeting, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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