SFC Bradley Pierson

Instructor, Military Science - ROTC, Training NCO
On Faculty since 2009

Phone: (630)752-5453


BA in Criminal Justice from Post University in process

Military Education


Branch: Armor

About Bradley Pierson

Brad Pierson was born on December 8th 1974 on the Naval Base in Pensacola, Florida. His father was a career Navy Enlisted man and was stationed in numerous places all around the world including Pensacola, FL, Sigonella, Sicily, Pax River, MD, Lowell, MA, and San Diego, CA. Growing up a Navy Brat the military life had been instilled in him since birth.

He has 5 children, Ashley, Kennedy, Brandon, Keanan and the baby Chloe who was born 18 Dec 2009. He has been lucky enough to be happily married to his beautiful wife Charlene for the last 11 years.

SFC Pierson went to OSUT (One Stop Unit Training) from April-Aug 1995 and graduated as an E-2(PVT) as an Armor Crewman (MOS 19 K). Upon the completion of basic training, he was immediately assigned to the 3rd Squadron 4th Cavalry Regiment (which changed to 1st Squadron 4th Cavalry Regiment in April 1996) in Schweinfurt Germany from 1995-1998 where he served as a Tank Loader and Driver, during which he was deployed to Bosnia from Jan- Dec1996. His next duty station was Fort Hood Texas where he was assigned to 3rd Battalion 68th Armor from 1998-2001 as a Driver and a Gunner. Following that assignment he was then reassigned to Hohenfels, Germany to be on the OPFOR (Opposing force) team from 2001-2004, where he was a Gunner and a Tank Commander. After that he was sent back stateside to Fort Carson Colorado to be an AC/RC (Active Component/Reserve Component) OC/T (Observer Controller/Trainer) from 2004-2007. Next he was to remain at Fort Carson and become a Platoon Sergeant for the 1st Battalion 8th Infantry Regiment from 2007-2009. While there he served a combat tour in Mosul, Iraq from Dec 2007-Feb 2009. SFC Pierson's current assignment is as an instructor and training NCO/S-3 of the Rolling Thunder Battalion of Wheaton College ROTC Military Science department where he has served since September 2009.

Classes Taught

  • MSL 101
  • MSL 102
  • MSL 301
  • MSL 302 
  • Platoon TAC and a Tactics NCO Warrior Forge/LDAC (Leadership Development Assessment Course) at Fort Lewis, WA 

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