Institutional Service


Major committee assignments, counseling etc.

Special Convocation:

Arranged for a convocation on "Genetic Engineering and the Future of Man" held on campus of Wheaton College on May 13-14, 1976. The speaker was Dr. Frank Young (M.D., Ph. D), former Dean of the University of Rochester School of Medicine and former Commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration. Dr. Young is one of the leading scientists in the controversial recombinant DNA research. He was invited to be the featured speaker for the 1978 student-faculty seminar of the Associated Colleges of the Chicago Area held on February 3, 1978. I arranged for his itinerary and he was on campus during the week of January 30, 1978 to speak in chapel; as well as, in research seminars in the Biology Department.

One of two biologists who arranged for the scientific sessions of the Trilog Ethics Conference, March 13-15, 1996, cosponsored by the Center for Applied Christian Ethics of Wheaton College. The featured speaker on human genetics was Dr. Elving Anderson, Professor emeritus, Dight Institute of Human Genetics, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis. Chaired one of the sessions

One of two biologists who arranged for the scientific sessions of the Science Symposium on the ethics and advances in Stem Cell Research, January 18 - April 5, 2006, cosponsored by the Science Division and the Center for Applied Christian Ethics of Wheaton College. Spoke at one of the sessions.

One of two biologists who arranged for the Wheaton College Science Symposium 2012, March 28-29, 2012, "Evolutionary Theory: Implications for Science & Christian Belief", cosponsored by the Center for Applied Christian Ethics, Faith and Learning Program, Chaplian's Office, and John and Madeleine McIntyre Chair of Philosophy and History of Science of Wheaton College. Served as Chair of one session and respondent at another session.


Health Professions Committee, 1975-1993; 2002- 2006.

Assumed responsibility for the Medical Technology degree program until 1977.

In charge of the Basic Science Review Course 1978 - 1990, 1996 and also involved in part of its instruction annually for health professions students in preparation for the Medical/Dental College Admissions Test.

Orientation Committee, 1975-1977.

Honors Committee, Biology Department, 1980-1995. Chairman, overseeing students graduating with honors in Biology.

Research and Internship Committee, Biology Department, 1984-1990. Chairman, overseeing students applying for credits for independent projects.

Spiritual Life and Standards Committee, 1983-84.

Student Development Committee, 1984-86.

Campus Life Committee, 1986-87.

Member of the Board, Wheaton College Scholastic Honor Society, 1986-1989.

President, Board of Directors, Wheaton College Scholastic Honor Society, 1987-1988.

Enrollment Management Committee, 1992-94, Co-chair, 1993-94.

Freshman Adviser, 1995 - present.

Organizer of Biology Departmental prayer meetings, 1991 - present

Organizer of Biology Departmental chapels, 1991 to 2000.

Departmental Representative to the Computer Resource Task Force of the Science Division in administering the computer network funded by a grant from the Hughes Foundation, 1998.

Member of the Scholastic Honors subcommittee of the Educational Policies and Curriculum Committee, 1998 - present

Nominated for the Educational Policies and Curriculum Committee, 1999.

Secretary of the ad hoc Minority Faculty Affairs Subcommittee, Spring, 1998 until its dissolution after the proposed statement on diversity was delivered to the faculty for further discussion and resolution.

Nominated for the newly created Technology and Institutional Research standing committee, 2000

Nominated for the Senior Teacher or Researcher of the year award, Wheaton College, 2000.

Nominated for the Faculty Personnel standing committee, 2002

Member of the Animal Care and Use subcommittee of the Technology and Institutional Research Committee, 2000 - 2002.

Member of the Scholastic Honors subcommittee of the Educational Policies and Curriculum Committee, 1998 - 2002.

Member of the Interdisciplinary Studies Committee, 2006-

Departmental, Science Division and Center for Applied Christian Ethics Seminar: “Promises and Perils of Stem Cell Research”, co-organizer and lecturer, Spring, 2006, Wheaton College.

Member of the Institutional Research and Assessment Committee of Wheaton College, 2006- 2008.

Nominated for the Faculty Personnel standing committee, 2009.


During Wheaton College chapel for two occasions and in numerous occasions in local churches.

Small Group Chapel

Led a small group chapel on "The Normal Christian Life" for 20 students during the spring quarter of the 1973-74 academic year.

Led a small group chapel on "Progressive Creationism" for over 140 students during the spring semesters of the 1982-83, 1983-84, 1984-85, 1985-86, 1986-87, 1987-88, and 1988-89 academic years.

Wheaton Connection

Served as representative of the Biology Department during the campus visits of prospective Wheaton students and their parents.

HNGR Internships

Made arrangements with Chung Yuan Christian University, Chungli, Taiwan; the Research Institute for Christian Educators, Hong Kong; and the "Build China" Foundation, Hong Kong for possible placement of Wheaton student interns.

Department Fellowships

Led devotional and fellowship time for the monthly voluntary prayer meetings of the Biology Department.

Organized departmental chapel programs.

Contact with Industry and Research Laboratories for Equipment Donation

Contacted the University of Chicago; Blue M Manufacturer of Incubators in Blue Island, IL; the American Critical Care Company in McGaw Park, IL; and the Medical College of Wisconsin, Milwaukee; for several pieces of equipment donated to the Biology Department of Wheaton College since 1974.

$23,900 Grant Proposal for a Packard Liquid Scintillation Spectrometer, in collaboration with Dr. Chappell, Former Chair of Biology Department. Funded by outside sources. Equipment procured in October, 1987.

Student Research

Supervised approximately 100 students on Independent Research Projects since 1974.

Global Studies Program

Contacted 6 universities in China in exploratory visits for possible future collaboration with Wheaton College, winter, 2009

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