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Online Resources:

IDS Biotechnology Program in Wheaton College 

Journal of Molecular Biology  
Cell & Molecular Biology Online  

National Center of Biotechnology Information

President's bioethics commission

Human Genome Guide

Microbial Pathogenesis  

(Discovery Institute)

stem cells symposoium 06 

Access Research Network

American Scientific Affiliation

The Tree of Life Controversies

Campus Crusade for Christ Origins Website

Mere Creation

National Academy of Sciences: Science and Creationism Website

National Center for Science Education

PBS Online: Faith and Reason

Science and Christianity

Science and Religion Glossary

Science and Spirit Resources

Talk Origins Archive Creation vs. Evolution Links (click on Creation vs.
Evolution Links) Science and Religion Links

The Evolving Times

Intelligent Design the Future pod cast

Articles by Dr. Pun

"A Critical Evaluation of Evolution" 

"A theology of Progressive Creationism"

Evangelical Dictonary article on Evolution

"Towards an Ethics of the Human Genome Project (JASA)"

A Christian response to the Genetic Revolution(In Chinese)

"The Three Domains of Life: A Challenge to the concept of the Universal Cellular Ancestor"

Integration and Confrontation of Contemporary Worldviews: Evolution and Intelligent Design

Integration and Confrontation of Worldviews: Evolution and ID (in Chinese) (1)

Integration and Confrontation of Worldviews:Evolution and ID (in Chinese) (2)

Rifampin resistant mutant of B. subtilis

Cirtical nucleotide on lysR gene  

Global Challenges in 21st Century: New Developments in Bioethics (in Chinese)

Global Challenges in 21st Century: New Developments in Biotechnology (in Chinese) 

Global Challenges in 21st Century: New Developments in AIDS (in Chinese)

Global Challenges in 21st Century: New Developments in Global Warming (in Chinese)


Books by Dr. Pun

Evolution: Nature and Scripture in Conflict?

Genetic Engineering and The Future of Man (In Chinese)

The Christian Critique of Evolution (In Chinese)

Theology and Science (in Chinese 神學与科学)


Class Presentations

Evolution and Intelligent Design mp3 (Redeeming Reason Conference, U.Chicago, 11/2006)

Evolution and Intelligent Design ppt (Redeeming Reason Conference, U.Chicago, 11/2006) 

Sunday Sermon

Yesterday is History, Tomorrow is Mystery, Today is the Present (in Chinese, 1/9/11, 掌握人生(传1:2-3,12:1,9)

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