Alan Seaman, Ph.D.

Director of TESOL, Professor of Intercultural Studies
On Faculty since 1993

Phone: (630)752-7044


Ph.D. English Education/TESOL, University of Virginia
Concentrations: Applied linguistics, second language literacy, educational research.
Dissertation: "Visual Literacy and Second Language Fluency: The Process of Composing in a Second Language from a Visual Prompt"

M.A. English, M.Ed. English Education, University of Virginia

B.A. English and Fine Arts, College of William and Mary

About Alan Seaman

Professional interests include research into language assessment, second language literacy, ESL/EFL program models, English language instruction in China, and the role of English in globalization. During the past decade, I have worked on two major ESL/EFL textbook series, so materials development is a major focus of my work. I am interested in applied research that helps agencies and teachers make well-informed decisions about English language teaching.

In addition to my faculty position at Wheaton College, I serve as the senior managing editor for a PK- 6 EFL textbook series, Passport to Adventure. I am also an English Language Specialist for the U.S. Department of State, and serve on the National Selection Committee for Fulbright Scholarships.

Courses Taught

  • Descriptive English Grammar for TESOL
  • Teaching Reading and Composition to ESL/EFL Learners
  • Teaching Speaking and Listening to ESL/EFL Learners
  • Curriculum and Materials Development for TESOL
  • Principles of Assessment for TESOL
  • Teaching ESL to Children, K-12
  • Qualitative Research for Second Language Educators
  • Theoretical Foundations of TESOL Methodology
  • Classroom Dynamics Practicum in TESOL
  • Foundations of Materials Development for TESOL
  • Practicum in Materials Development

Membership in Professional Societies

  • Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages, Inc. (TESOL)
  • American Association for Applied Linguistics (AAAL)
  • American Educational Research Association (AERA)
  • Illinois TESOL-BE (2nd Vice President, Chair of 2004 state convention)
  • Phi Beta Kappa


My individual research interests include second language writing processes (my dissertation focus), the history of English language teaching in Asia, and best practices for teaching English speaking, listening, reading, and writing.

I have worked on a number of collaborative research projects in the areas of second language assessment, program models for elementary and secondary ESL, materials development for adult ESL, and ESL issues in international schools.

Papers Published and/or Presented

I have presented or co-presented over 75 papers at International TESOL Conventions, and have presented workshops for teachers in a number of countries, including China, South Korea, the Philippines, Thailand, Hungary, Austria, Germany, Ecuador, Colombia, Mexico, Morocco, Egypt, Kenya, Cambodia, and Indonesia.

Presentations (2000-2012) at TESOL Conventions

Workshops for National and International Schools Outside the U.S. (2000-2012)

Recent publications include the following:Passport to Adventure: Kindergarten and Primary 1 Levels (2010). Colorado Springs, CO: Purposeful Design Press. (I serve as the senior editor for this PK-12 EFL textbook series for schools in Latin America, Asia, and Central Europe.)

  • Vroom, Sara. and Seaman, Alan. (2014). Cross-cultural perspectives on teaching English as a foreign language to children: A multinational survey. TESOL Journal 5 (3).
  • Seaman, Alan, and Vroom, Sara (2014). Passport to Adventure: Explore C Level Student Book, Teacher Book, Blackline Masters, Audio CDs. Colorado Springs: Purposeful Design Publications.
  • Passport to Adventure: Wonder, Imagine, Discover, and Explore Levels (2013). Colorado Springs, CO: Purposeful Design Press. (I serve as the senior editor for this PK-12 EFL textbook series for schools in Latin America, Asia, and Central Europe.)
  • Seaman, Alan. (2010). Responding to the challenge of large mixed-ability classes in China. In Multilevel and Diverse Classrooms, (pp. 9-21) Baurain, B. and Ha, P., eds., Alexandria, VA: TESOL.
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