HNGR Curriculum


The HNGR Certficate

HNGR Certificate candidates must complete 16-18 hours of preparatory coursework (a total of five courses) before the internship. During the internship, students earn 4-8 hours of HNGR internship credit, 4 hours for the Global Christian Perspectives course, as well as 2-4 hours of independent study credit in either their major field of study or under the HNGR Program. Following the internship, students must complete the 2-hour HNGR integrative seminar. HNGR students satisfy the Society cluster requirements with HNGR courses plus 4 hours of history. HNGR Certificate candidates are required to maintain a minimum GPA of 2.8.

For a more complete understanding of the coursework and preparation interns are required to participate in before, during, and after their internships, check out the links below:

Preparatory Courses 
Additional HNGR Internship Preparation
Internship Courses
Post-Internship Courses and Activities

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