Internship Coursework


The internship occurs during the six months (summer plus fall semester) following the junior year.

1. Internship in Development (HNGR 496): Supervized field study and service in the Global South, generally with a faith-based organization involved in holistic development. The program of study is designed to meet the particular interests and needs of the student, host organization, and community in which the internshi is conducted. (4-8 hours)

2. Independent Study (HNGR 495 or XXX 495): Directed reading and research or internship projects. (2-4 hours)

3. Global Christian Perspective (HNGR 484): Directed reading and reflection course, done as part of the HNGR field internship, that addresses selected themes in global Christian thought and practice, including poverty and powerlessness, justice and reconciliation, community and community development,and brokenness and healing. (4 hours)


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