Frequently Asked Questions


What is the first step to getting involved in the HNGR Program?
Typically, we recommend that students interested in applying to the HNGR program set up an informational meeting their Freshman or Sophomore year at Wheaton. If you are interested, stop by the office to make an appointment with the Director or the Assistant Director to discuss your interests, concerns, and options with regard to the Program.

Do I have to have a certain major to be involved in the HNGR Program?
HNGR encourages an integrative and holistic academic approach to work around the world, and welcomes students of all disciplines. The HNGR internship gives students hands-on experience in their area of interest, ranging from English to Music, Biology to Theology.

Can I major or minor in Human Needs and Global Resources (HNGR)?
HNGR is not a major or minor; it is an academic certificate program. The amount of coursework required to complete the program typcially amounts to more than a minor, but less than a major. All HNGR applicants are required to maintain a minimum GPA of 2.8.

What courses are required to complete a HNGR Certificate?
During the Freshman, Sophomore, and Junior years at Wheaton, students should arrange to include required HNGR courses in their schedule, generally beginning with HNGR 112 - Third World Issues, which should be completed prior to application to the Program. Students may request advice from the HNGR staff  in fitting these courses into your academic program. Click here for a more complete description of HNGR curriculum and a Four-Year HNGR Timeline.

When do I apply?
Applications are made available during the fall semester of the student's Sophomore year. The application process is completed during the spring semester, with final decisions made by the HNGR Advisory Committee.

Can I do the internship any semester during my time at Wheaton? How long does it last?
The internship occurs during the summer and fall of the Senior year, with a total duration of six months.

When do I find out what country I'll be sent to?
Internship placement occurs during students' Junior year. Our HNGR Director and Assistant Director work with students to arrange an internship which matches the student's specific interests and abilities.

How much does the HNGR internship cost?
A six-month internship usually costs no more than one semester on Wheaton's campus. Students eligible for financial aid on campus are generally eligible for the same level of financial aid during their internship. The HNGR staff is available to assist accepted students in estimating a proposed internship budget. The main expenses are:

  1. Preparatory expenses: Includes passport, visas, medical check-up, immunizations, books, and other miscellaneous expenses.
  2. Tuition fees: HNGR interns are eligible for Special Full-Time Student Status. Fees are determined by the number of credit hours taken during the internship (minimum of 10 and maximum of 16).
  3. Travel expenses: Determined by the location of the internship.
  4. Field expenses: Includes lodging, meals, and other miscellaneous expenses while on the internship.
Please call (630) 752-5199 or email our office if you wish to make an appointment or learn more about becoming involved in the HNGR Program. We welcome your visit to our office in Schell Hall, Lower Level.

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