Application and Admission


Application Deadlines

  • Written Applications: Open from 1 September until 1 December each year.
  • Interviews with HNGR Assistant Professor, Student Support Coordinator, Assistant Director, and two HNGR Advisory Committee members: between January and March.
  • Notification of acceptance:  mid-April.

Admission Requirements

Thank you for your interest in the HNGR Program.

Students of Sophomore standing (in their 2nd year at Wheaton) are eligible to apply by 1 December. The HNGR program does not have a competitive application process that compares students to each other. Rather, when reviewing applications, our main question is, “Is the student ready for HNGR?” To assess this, the program has four main qualifications:


  1. Personal Readiness: Stability, Maturity, Good Student Development Standing
  2. Academic Readiness: 2.8 GPA or higher, Proven ability to work independently, Completion of HNGR coursework before, during, and after the application.
  3. Cross-cultural and Service Experience: Evidence of service and engaging diverse populations whether in the Wheaton area, greater United States, or internationally.
  4. Congruence: Demonstrated ability to articulate how HNGR fits into the applicant’s vocational trajectory and  (inter)personal growth.

Please note that if you are interested in applying, you should schedule an appointment for a general information meeting with the HNGR Assistant Director.  Visit us in Schell Lower Level or email the HNGR Program to schedule a meeting. 

Apply now!


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