Wheaton in England

Wheaton in England


Wheaton-in-England is an eight-week summer program offering 8-10 hours of credit in English literature. Although the program varies somewhat from year to year, depending on the particular interests of each director, the basic program always includes three elements:

  • one to two weeks of classes on Wheaton's campus prior to embarking for England
  • seven to ten days in London
  • and three to four weeks at St. Anne's College, Oxford.

The group also goes on numerous one-day field trips to various literary sites and an extended northern excursion. Students are given the opportunity to study and explore significant locations found throughout British Literature, and have the opportunity to enjoy many theater productions at historic sites, including Shakespeare’s Globe Theater in London.

Usually the program includes an extended southern excursion as well, though occasionally the director substitutes an extended visit to Ireland or Scotland.

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