Wheaton in Senegal

Wheaton in Senegal


Wheaton in Senegal is a summer program, sponsored by the Foreign Languages Department, that runs every other year. Students stay with Senegalese families for the entirety of the program, helping them understand and relate to the culture on much more intimate level. Forming relationships with these families provides students with opportunities to get a feel for what an ordinary day would look like if one were to live in Senegal.

Participants take a series of three classes, in French (four days each week), Francophone Culture and Civilization, and a special topic of their choosing. The first week in Senegal is devoted to cross-cultural workshops and training. Starting the second week, Senegalese university professors—expert in their fields—lecture on different aspects of life in Senegal, including family structure and life, history, economy, politics, religions, health, women issues, arts, and education.

The program also includes three educational field trips, including a short stay in a traditional village. Weekly journal entries help students reflect on their experiences and on what they are learning through lectures.

Students perform research and develop a topic of their choosing in the form of a paper to be turned in three weeks after completion of the program.

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