Email Upgrade: SkyDrive


Is This Information for Me?

The email upgrade will change how you access SkyDrive and Messenger. If you have not used either of these services with your Wheaton account then you can ignore the information on this page (but make sure you understand all about the email upgrade).

Personal Microsoft Account

During this upgrade the SkyDrive and Messenger services will be split off from your Wheaton email account and attached to a new Personal Microsoft Account.

Personal Use

The new Personal Microsoft Account is for your personal use.  It should not be used for any work-related tasks or data.

  • SkyDrive Replacement
    Soon SharePoint will replace SkyDrive for work-related data storage.
  • Messenger Replacement
    Please use the CUPC client (Cisco Unified Personal Communicator) for work-related instant messaging.  If you do not have CUPC installed then please contact IT Services using the information on the left of this page for help getting this set up on your computer.

Username and Password

The username and password for this new Personal Microsoft Account are initially the same as your Wheaton email account.  The username will remain the same but you may change the password on your Personal Microsoft Account so that it differs from your Wheaton email account.

If you used to access your email then you would also use to access your SkyDrive but the password for your email may be different from the password used to access your SkyDrive.  The only difference is the service you are attempting to use.  You must use your Wheaton email account password in the Outlook client but use your Personal Microsoft Account password at .


Before the upgrade Sam uses with the password AAAAA to access his email and SkyDrive data.

After the upgrade Sam still uses AAAAA to access his email in both the Outlook 2007 client and on the Web at .

To access his SkyDrive data immediately after the upgrade Sam goes to and logs in as with the password AAAAA.

Eventually Sam's Personal Microsoft Account password expires and he changes it to BBBBB.  This does not affect the Wheaton email account password which remains as AAAAA.

To access his SkyDrive data Sam now goes to and uses with the password BBBBB.  To access his email he goes to and logs in as with the password AAAAA.

Who to Call

Wheaton College will continue to manage your Wheaton email account but Microsoft will manage the new Personal Microsoft Account.  If you have problems or questions with your Wheaton email account please contact IT Services (using the information on the left of this page).  For help with your new Personal Microsoft Account, including the SkyDrive and Messenger services, you must contact Microsoft >>  IT Services at Wheaton College has no way to manage these accounts.


So why are SkyDrive and Messenger being split off?

This is an official statement from Microsoft:

The separation between Office 365 (for organizations) and Microsoft services (for consumers) was done in order to satisfy the unique requirements of services provided to organizations and those provided to consumers. An organization with many users and legal obligations for confidentiality and auditability has very different requirements for generating, managing, and removing identities than does an individual who wants to store personal information online. Combining these requirements into one system was not feasible.


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