Outlook for Windows Help Sheets (PDFs)


Quick Reference Guide Basic reference guide for the Outlook Client.
Sharing Guide- Outlook Client How to share individual calendar, contacts, or inbox.
Sharing Guide- Outlook Web How to open another mailbox and work with shared calendars using email.wheaton.edu
Connecting to a shared Mailbox Instructions for adding shared resources.
Mobile Device Instructions for Smart Phone Setup
Outlook Live Training Instructions fo Accessing Outlook Live and other Microsoft Training.
Junk Email Overview Overview of how Outlook's Junk mail filter works and how you can adjust the filter.
Distribution Lists Great feature within Outlook to improve how you manage distribution lists. 
Make Outlook Work for You Some tips on how to set up and use some of the organizational features built into Outlook
Quick Parts Creating reusable text blocks for e-mail messages.
Auto-Archiving A description of Auto-Archive and the settings that can be changed.
Mailbox Message Recipients Limits Outlook Live limits for Message size, attachments, Mailbox, Recipients and Senders. 
E-mail Merge Profile Setting up an Outlook Client Profile when e-mailing to over 400 recipients 

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