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What is iFolder?

iFolder is a secure storage application that enables you to backup your files, access and manage your files from anywhere, at any time. 

Once the iFolder client is installed, the files you have on your local hard drive need to be moved to the folder that is linked to the iFolder client and then iFolder automatically updates a copy of these files to a network server. These files can also be accessed from off-campus via a web interface. It is also possible to install the iFolder client on your home computer to download a copy of the files to that computer.

The current version of iFolder provides the ability to share folders of files of any type with other users, whether they use the same or different operating systems. Thus, Linux, Windows and Macintosh users can all use iFolder to share files.

Installing iFolder

Please contact us to have the iFolder application installed on your office computer, either by email at IT.Service.Desk@wheaton.edu or by phone at x4357

Using iFolder

Quota: 5 GB

All the files you keep in the designated iFolder on your office computer are automatically backed up to the iFolder server through a synchronization process. As you make changes in files or delete files the corresponding copy on the iFolder server is changed or deleted as well. Synchronization is done every 5 minutes. However, this setting is customizable.

Sharing an iFolder

It is now possible to have multiple folders linked to the iFolder server and any iFolder can now be shared with another iFolder user.


General Use iFolder Helpsheet

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