About the Wheaton College Network


Student Networking

Registered students and alumni are provided with a dedicated high-speed connection to the campus data network and the Internet. All students must complete an online orientation course within the first two weeks of arriving on campus to continue use of the Wheaton College Network. Students will receive an email with more information about this course. In addition, each student must agree to abide by the Terms and Conditions for Accounts/Usage (Acceptable Use Policy) (PDF) by digitally signing the Acceptable Use Policy >>.

Network Registration

Upon arriving on campus each year, students are required to register their computers. The registration process ensures that student computers are protected against viruses and other malware. To prepare for quick and simple registration, please be sure to reference the virus protection page before arriving at Wheaton. 

Also, be sure to check our list of supported systems to be sure your computer is compatible with Wheaton's network.

Network Technology

The Wheaton College network uses Ethernet and Wifi technology. Each Residence Hall room has one 10-Base-T network port per resident, which students can use with an ethernet cable to achieve network access for any computer with an Ethernet card. Wi-Fi access is also available in all of the dorms, campus houses and most public areas. In order to connect to the student network using Wi-Fi a student must have a Wi-Fi card installed in their computer that supports WPA2 Enterprise encryption. Visit our wireless page for more information.

Networking Support

Student network access is available to any registered student. As part of this service, the IT Services support staff provides assistance with configuration and network problems via phone, email, and in person at Blanchard 171 from 8:00am to 5:00pm, Monday through Friday. Room visits to campus housing by a IT Services technician are also available for those who have desktop computers that are having issues with registration.  Computer support for students regarding network connectivity and virus removal is provided with no charge to the student.

Students living off-campus

Students living off-campus can register their personal computers to connect to the campus wired and wireless network. They may also log into the computer labs on campus with their network accounts. Students may also print to lab printers from their personal computer.

Access to library resources via the internet is available from off-campus using a Wheaton College network account as long as one is enrolled as a student. MyWheaton email accounts are always accessible from off-campus.

Internet Filtering

Campus life at Wheaton College is governed by our Community Covenant. As an expression of this covenant, the College has chosen to use an internet filtering software program on the campus network to block access to pornography, gambling sites, and sites that provide resources for academic plagiarism.

In the event that you believe a Web site is being blocked in error, or if you find a web site that should be blocked and isn't, please notify: webfilter.administrator@wheaton.edu

Wheaton College Student Development recommends the following web pages to persons struggling with pornography:


Job Opportunities

Part-time job opportunities at IT Services are available to Wheaton College students, including new students.

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