Graduating Students


What happens to my network account when I graduate?

Your MyWheaton Google account will continue to function for your lifetime, but campus-wide mailing should stop approximately two weeks after your account is set to inactive status.  Only currently registered students maintain active status on their network accounts, however, inactive status still preserves your ability to:

  • Access Banner Self-Service (BannerWeb) information.
  • Use the campus network with your personal computer.
  • Log into the computers in the library.
  • No access to library research databases from off-campus as required by the database providers.
  • No access to network printing.

Preparing Your Personal Computer

Graduated students should also remove the Bradford Persistent Agent from their computer. This can be done in Windows through the Add/Remove Programs interface and Mac users can download the Bradford Persistent Agent Uninstaller.

But I Still Need to Keep My Network Account Active!

If you meet one of the following conditions, you must complete the form below to request that your network account keep its active status:

  1. You are going to be working for the college and need to maintain the access rights of your network account for work in a campus department. Include the name of your supervisor and your last work day in your explanation below.
  2. You will not be a registered student but have permission to complete coursework for a class and need access to Blackboard and the library research databases. Include the name of your professor and when you expect to complete your course work.


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