New Student Checklist


Here are a few things you need to before you arrive on campus to ensure a smooth technological experience at Wheaton College: 

  1. Set up your Wheaton College network account by completing the account setup steps >>. Your network account gives you access to many useful things, including:
    • Your MyWheaton email address, which is accessed from
    • The MyWheaton portal, which includes campus announcements, an event calendar, student account information, and financial aid information
    • Online course material
    • On campus computers
  2. Decide what computer you will bring, and buy one if necessary. For some helpful advice, check out our Buying a Computer FAQ
  3. Make sure your computer has all software and security updates, and if it is a Windows computer, be sure to install an antivirus program. Check out our Virus Protection page to learn which programs are recommended by Wheaton College.
  4. Visit our computer registration website and go through the steps to agree to our Acceptable Use Policy, set up your security questions, and download the Bradford Persistent Client which allows your computer to connect to the Wheaton College Network.

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