Consortium Visitors Program-FAQ


What schools can I attend as a consortium visitor?

Students can attend Asbury University (KY), Bethel College (MN), Greenville College (IL), Houghton College (NY), Seattle Pacific University (WA), Taylor University (IN), George Fox University (OR), Gordon University (MA), Malone College (OH), Messiah College (PA), Trinity International University (IL), Westmont College (CA). The consortium visitors program is limited to these schools.

How do the finances work?

Wheaton College is billed by the consortium school for the consortium’s school published tuition, room, and board. Wheaton College passes that cost on directly to you. Thus, if the consortium school is less expensive than Wheaton, you will be billed for the lower cost; if the consortium school is more expensive than Wheaton (such as Westmont), you will be charged their published cost.

Does my Wheaton Financial Aid apply?

The Wheaton College financial aid office will contact the consortium school and obtain their budgeted cost of attendance. The Financial Aid office will use the lesser of the budgeted cost at the consortium school or the budgeted cost of Wheaton to determine your award. Please contact your financial aid counselor to obtain more information.

Will my credits transfer to Wheaton?

Yes, most credits from these schools will transfer to Wheaton. Probably the larger question is HOW they will transfer to Wheaton—as gen ed, as major requirements, etc. We strongly encourage students to complete the transfer of credit form available in the registrar’s office prior to enrollment.

Will the grades from the consortium program impact my Wheaton GPA?

No, your consortium work will be listed as transfer credit on your Wheaton College transcript. You will maintain a transcript at the consortium school, which you may need to obtain if you are applying to graduate school, applying for licensure, etc.

What are the deadlines for application?

This varies from school to school. We strongly encourage students to apply by March 1 for the fall semester, and by October 1 for the spring semester.

How do I apply?

Complete the consortium visitor application available in the Registrar’s office. There is no cost to apply.

How do I register for classes, get my housing assignment, etc. at the consortium school?

Each consortium school handles this differently. You will normally receive information with your acceptance letter detailing these items.

What are the most popular consortium schools?

In the past, Westmont has been the most popular consortium program, followed by Gordon, Taylor, Houghton, SPU, and Bethel. Other information: SPU is on a quarter hour system. You must multiply the number of quarter hours by 2/3 to equate them to semester hours. If you attend SPU in the spring, you will be eligible to attend two quarters at SPU. In the past, Westmont has had a limited number of consortium spaces available for the spring semester.

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