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Costs 2015-2016

There are a lot of factors to the cost of college. We’re here to help you see them and plan accordingly. Here are the standard cost-of-attendance budgets based on full-time enrollment. They are used to determine financial aid, but actual costs may vary depending on the program and hours enrolled.


   Direct Costs Per Year*
Tuition* $32,950
Avg Room* (Rates) $5,500
Board* $3,790
Total Direct Costs $42,240
Indirect Costs Per Year (estimated)**
Books** $1,120
Personal/Misc.** $1,300
Transportation** $600
Living Expenses** N/A
Total Indirect Costs $3,020
(Amount used to determine financial aid)


These costs reflect those of a dependent undergraduate student living in a dorm.

*Direct costs will be billed by Student Accounts. These do not include any extra course fees such as Conservatory fees. Room and board costs may vary depending on options chosen. Exception: Room is not a direct cost when a student is living off-campus.

**Indirect costs are estimated and will not be billed by Student Accounts. The actual costs may be greater or lower depending on the individual situation.

Costs Terms

Financial Aid Budget
The financial aid budget, as shown above, includes the costs that are used in determining financial aid eligibility.

Billed Costs
Billed costs are the costs that are billed directly through the Student Accounts Office.

Payment Plan Budget
The budget used when participating in the payment plan should only include billed costs. The payment plan budget is NOT the same as the Financial Aid budget.

Situations with Modified Financial Aid Budgets

The undergraduate financial aid budget costs in the table above represent the most common student situation at Wheaton College. The following scenarios are examples of when the costs used in a financial aid budget are adjusted. Most of these adjustments are to indirect costs, meaning they are estimates of average expenses only. The financial aid budget used for each student can be viewed at their account.

  • Personal/Misc. is estimated at $1,900 instead of $1,300 for independent undergraduate students.
  • Room and Board is estimated at $3,100 instead of $9,290 for undergraduate students who live at home with parents, relatives, or under other rent-free arrangements during the school year. This is an estimate of indirect expenses; room and board is not paid to Wheaton College in this situation.
  • Students in the Conservatory of Music have estimated average course fees of $2,600 added to the their financial aid budget.
  • Students in the College of Arts & Sciences completing a BA in Music have estimated average course fees of $1,400 added to their financial aid budget.
  • Transportation is estimated at $2,400 instead of $600 for dependent undergraduate students whose parents live outside the 48 contiguous United States.
  • Tuition and book costs are lower for students enrolled less than full time.

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