Students Around the World

Hear from students serving Christ around the world with the help of BGC scholarships.


Regina AlexanderRegina Alexander, India

“The BGC Scholarship Program is not about money and funding, even though it is set up to give grants, (and for those wanting to study overseas, money is a big issue) for me, it was an insurmountable obstacle. The BGCSP, I believe, gave me one of the largest scholarships available to train at Wheaton College. God called me to two large missions: one, to “educate to empower” the millions of dropout and out-of-school kids who are mostly rural Dalits in India. Two, and an even bigger commission— I was to develop an alternate education system for here and now and for eternity. I was connected with God’s amazing people at the BGCSP.”

John RainesJohn Raines, North Africa

“After spending about two years living and ministering among people in North Africa, I wanted to enroll in a program that would deepen my knowledge and love for God's word and thereby equip me for further service in that same part of the world. The Father has used the BGC Scholarship to make it financially possible in a way that won't hinder my return to the mission field with long-term debt. I'm so thankful for it, and I pray that my life would steward this investment into the eternal treasury to which it has been committed.”

Monica SchindlerMonica Schindler, India

“In 2008, I fell in love with India. God softened my heart to the plight of HIV positive transgender communities, to slum kids, and AIDS orphans. Because I felt so strongly about missions in India, I applied for the Billy Graham Scholarship which would enable me to go straight to India after my grad studies WITHOUT the burden of having to repay loans. Praise God for the donors who make this possible.”

Lorrain GreenLorrain Green, Africa

“After 15 years of teaching the Bible to women in the Ngambai language, I felt that I was treading water. Although I had trained two women to continue the ministry, I lacked confidence in my ability to understand the people I was working with and to address their spiritual needs in an effective manner. The BGC award opened the door for me to study at Wheaton Grad School where I earned an MA in Missions and Intercultural Studies. I came away with renewed vision, greater understanding of Chadian cultures, and appreciation for their worldview.”

Lisa Anderson UmanaLisa Anderson Umana, Latin America

“My philosophy of education was like a factory metaphor and entailed trying to clone people (of course with God's help!) to be more like me, to teach like me, to do ministry like me. My two years at Wheaton College Graduate School, in Educational Ministries, turned me from the factory metaphor to the pilgrim metaphor, which still guides me in my daily decisions as a missionary in Latin America, as director of leadership development in Christian Camping International. Were it not for the scholarship BGC award provided by Wheaton, I never would have been able to aspire to a Graduate degree.”

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