Keep Your BGC Scholarship Loan Current

If you have received a BGC Scholarship, you will need to make sure your loan status is kept current and begin the process of earning forgiveness of your loan.


E. Tuls

First, let us congratulate you on your accomplishment of completing your M.A. from the Wheaton College Graduate School! We are proud of your hard work and dedication to finish your studies, but even more so, we are proud of your decision to serve the Lord in the particular ministry that He has called you to. You are also fulfilling the vision of the Billy Graham Center Scholarship Program's (BGCSP) stewards, who wanted to provide a way to equip key leaders for significant ministry opportunities to spread the message of Christ worldwide.

Now that you have graduated, there are certain requirements that you must fulfill in order to earn loan forgiveness for your BGC award, thereby making it a scholarship. One very important part of fulfilling these requirements is keeping our office informed of your status with your organization, and we have forms prepared for your organization to fill out on your behalf to document this.

Since the steps and forms may be particular to each award, we encourage you to select the award you received from those listed in this section of the website to see what is needed on your behalf in order to make or keep your loan current.

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