How to Apply for a BGC Scholarship


We would like to thank you for your interest in the Billy Graham Center Scholarship Program (BGCSP), and in the scholarships that we have to offer. It is our prayer that these funds will be a blessing to those who receive them as they prepare to earn a more advanced education in order to better their ministries all over the world.

Before you can apply, you must first submit a Preliminary Eligibility Form to our office. This form is not an application form. It is a screening tool designed to help us determine if you are eligible to apply for a BGC Scholarship. Notice: we highly recommend that you read about the scholarships offered by the BGCSP before completing and submitting this form. Information about the Bennett Scholarship can be found at Financial Aid.

To view the Preliminary Eligibility Form or the instructions for it, select from the options below.

Once you've finished completing the form, you may "Submit by email," which should take you through step-by-step instructions on how to email it to our office, or an email window will open automatically with the information you have entered already attached. If things don't happen the way they should, you can print, scan, and email the form to us, or you may print the form and fax to us at the number to the left.

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