2014-15 Institutional Financial Aid Application


The 2014-2015 application is now available. The aid application is free of charge.

Important: Please complete the FAFSA first.

Please note: The Wheaton institutional application is required for institutional need-based aid, but not for federal aid.

Alternatively, students may submit the CSS Profile. There is a charge to submit the CSS Profile.

Login and complete the online application

 2014-2015 Application

 Important Application Notes:

  1. Do use estimates if necessary to turn in application by the deadline.
  2. Do NOT use commas in the numeric value fields.
  3. Question # 28 Do NOT include parent retirement funds (IRAs, 401ks, 403b, etc.). Do include value of real estate (NOT primary residence), stocks, bonds, etc.
  4. We must have received the FAFSA results before we can download institutional application results.
  5. It may take up to 10 days for the status in myWheaton to change to 'Received'.
  6. For Independent Undergraduates: Be sure to indicate independent status and give reason.

If you have circumstances that you feel need further explanation, please email, fax, or mail a letter of explanation to our office. 



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