Accelerated M.A.

Applications to each program are evaluated on a rolling basis.



  1. Current undergraduate students at Wheaton College must be formally accepted to an MA program by the Graduate Admissions Office.
  2. Certain academic departments have additional admission requirements that apply to Accelerated MA students.
  3. Eight weeks prior to the completion of the bachelor degree, a student must tell the Graduate Admissions Office ( their intention to continue as a graduate student after receiving the bachelor's degree.
    • If you do not confirm your intention to continue in the master's program, you will not be able to pre-register.


  1. A student's official classification remains as an undergraduate until the bachelor's degree is completed.


  1. The student's undergraduate advisor will continue to be the student's official advisor until the bachelor's degree is completed.
  2. The student will be assigned a graduate advisor from their program's graduate department - so the student will have two advisors at the same time. 


  1. Undergraduates can start taking graduate courses after completing 90 undergraduate hours.
  2. Approval by the graduate adviser required for all graduate coursework taken.
  3. Maximum graduate hours allowed before completing bachelor's: 16.
  4. Accelerated MA students are fully matriculated, therefore distance learning courses cannot be applied to an Accelerated MA degree.


  1. Undergraduate graduation cannot be delayed in order to earn graduate credit.


  1. Graduate courses - taken while a student is classified as an Undergraduate - do not incur additional tuition. 
  2. Once a student becomes classified as a Graduate Student, they may apply for Graduate Student Financial Aid.

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