All Other M.A. Programs Admissions Requirements

M.A. in Christian Formation & Ministry (42 hours), M.A. in Evangelism & Leadership (40), M.A. in Intercultural Studies & Missions (40), and M.A. in Missional Church Movements (40).


Requirements for All Students

  1. Application Deadlines - go here.
  2. Bachelor's Degree from an approved institution and in an approved major.
  3. GPA.
    • 2.80 minimum for Christian Formation & Ministry.
    • 2.75 minimum for  Evangelism & Leadership, Intercultural Studies & Missions, and Missional Church Movements. 
  4. MAT (Miller Analogies Test) or GRE (Graduate Record Examinations) General Test.
  5. Official Transcripts from all schools that ever granted you college credit, even just one credit.
  6. Admission Application.
  7. Three Recommendations Forms, not letters. 
    • Academic
    • Pastor (or other Christian leader)
    • Professional.
      • Option if you do not have an employer: Someone with whom you have had a supervisor-employee relationship, e.g., in a ministry, internship, or missions-trip context.
    • Letters accepted as supplements to Recommendation Forms.
  8. Essays.
    • Three for Christian Formation & Ministry.
    • Four for Evangelism & Leadership, Intercultural Studies & Missions, and Missional Church Movements. 
  9. Chronological Resume.
  10. Signed Statement of Faith, Community Covenant, and Statement of Veracity.
  11. Application Fee US $30, non-refundable.


Additional Requirements for International Students 

    • More information about English proficiency requirements here.
  1. If TOEFL or IELTS is waived, then MAT or GRE is required.
  2. Transcript-evaluation report required with every official transcript.
  3. Please review Graduate International Admissions for full information.

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