Conservatory of Music

Thank you for your interest in the Wheaton College Conservatory of Music! We are pleased you are applying and look forward to working with you throughout the application and audition process.


Applying to the Conservatory of Music

First-Year admission decisions for the Fall term of the Conservatory of Music are made at two times during the year:

  • Early Action candidates receive an early, non-binding admission decision (accept, refuse, or delayed decision) by December 31st. Early Action students must submit all required items so that they arrive in Admissions by November 1st, and must complete their audition by the appropriate deadline.
  • Regular Action candidates must submit all required items so that they arrive in Admissions by January 10th, follow the appropriate audition deadline, and will receive their admission decision (accept, refuse, or waiting list) by April 1st.

Transfer and Spring term applicants have different deadlines.

Admissions decisions are given by mail. We do not notify applicants of their decision in advance or over the phone. Please plan accordingly. Email or fax notification is available only for students living outside the U.S. and will occur after the decision letters have been mailed.


Conservatory Application Instructions

Please note that you may apply to the College of Arts and Sciences or to the Conservatory of Music, but not both. This is the application process for the Conservatory of Music. 

  • First-Year applicants (first-time, first-year) are those students who have not yet graduated from high school, regardless of the number of college credits earned, or those who have graduated but have not earned any post-high school college credit. College coursework is evaluated after acceptance.
  • Transfer applicants are those who, at the time of application, have graduated from high school and subsequently earned credit at a higher education institution. 
  • International students: If you are not a U.S. citizen or permanent resident, please review the admissions process for international applicants for additional requirements.

If you have already earned a Bachelor's degree, please contact the Admissions Office before applying.

$50 Application Fee

In order to submit the online application, you will need to pay the $50 application fee by credit card, debit card, or online check. If you are submitting a paper application, please send a check or money order payable to Wheaton College. Credit card payment is not accepted for applications submitted by mail. The application fee is non-refundable.

If you would like to request a fee waiver because of financial hardship, please have your high school guidance counselor or principal complete the fee waiver form and fax it to 630-752-5285 or email it to Once the fee waiver form has been received and approved, you will receive an email with a fee waiver code which will enable you to submit the online application.

New for this year: As a thank you for attending Wheaton Connection, all registered students will have their online application fee waived. Juniors will receive the fee waiver code the following summer, for next year's application.

Test Scores

You are required to submit either SAT or ACT test scores. All test scores must be sent directly from the testing company. If you have not already done so, request that your scores be sent to Wheaton College. Wheaton's code number for the SAT is 1905; the code number for the ACT is 1160. Do not send your student copy of the score report. Wheaton does "superscore" both the SAT and the ACT - using the highest critical reading and math scores from any sitting of the SAT test, and calculating the highest composite ACT score using subscores from any sitting of the ACT test. Please note that if you are applying during the Early Action round, the tests must be taken no later than the October 2016 ACT test date and/or the November 2016 SAT test date. If you are applying during the Regular Action round, the ACT or SAT test must be taken no later than the December 2016 test date. Transfers: Test scores are required unless you have earned at least 60 (post-high school) college semester credit hours at the time of application. (Note: Because of recent changes to the FAFSA, ACT and SAT tests taken after the deadline for your corresponding application type are not guaranteed consideration for admission or scholarship. See application deadlines above.)

High School Transcript and High School Report

Please request an official transcript from your high school.  We accept official transcripts that are sent electronically (through an official transcript service), or that are mailed in a signed and sealed high school letterhead envelope with the other supporting documents for your application. The transcript should include grades earned, class rank (if available), and GPA. The High School Report (PDF) is for first-year applicants only, and is optional. It should be completed by the high school guidance office, and submitted with your official transcript and school profile. Regular Action applicants do not need to send a 7th semester grade report or 7th semester transcript.

  • Homeschool students: If you were homeschooled for any part of high school, submit the Homeschool Information Form (PDF) with a transcript signed by a homeschool official.
  • Post-secondary transcripts: Transfer applicants are required to submit transcripts from all post-secondary institutions, whether or not credit was earned or grades were received. First-Year applicants who have taken or are taking college courses at a post-secondary institution should also submit transcripts. Post-secondary transcripts should be sent directly from the institution to the Wheaton College Admissions Office.


Interviews are an optional part of the application process that allow us to get to know applicants better. Appointments for on-campus and telephone interviews can be scheduled by calling the Office of Admissions at 630.752.5005. Please refer to the Admissions Deadlines chart when making interview plans.

Note that this interview is separate from the audition you must complete when applying to the Conservatory of Music.

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