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A community of grace. Rigorous academics. Vibrant faith. It is a life-changing experience, but also a life-changing investment. It is an investment in time, and an investment in resources.


As you consider your investment, we believe Wheaton stands out for a variety of reasons, and one of these is our commitment to make your education affordable – to make your investment worth it.

We realize that a private college education is costly, which is why Wheaton is dedicated to providing need-based aid so you can attend.  Last year, we awarded over $25 million in grants and scholarships, and $10 million in loans. Even more, every student gets the help of our endowment: the actual cost to the college to educate a single student for one year is significantly higher than the total billed cost.

Indeed, the cost of a Wheaton College education is remarkably low compared to costs at private institutions of similar quality:

  • Out of 124 colleges classified with us in the top two tiers of National Liberal Arts Colleges in U.S. News & World Report’s Annual Best Colleges, Wheaton’s tuition ranks 108th (a "1" ranking being the most expensive).*
  • Out of 13 colleges in the Christian College Consortium, Wheaton’s tuition ranks 5th.
  • Publications such as Barron’s and Kiplinger’s consistently rate Wheaton as a “best buy."
  • Since it was founded 150 years ago, Wheaton has emphasized academic rigor and biblical values, with excellent results.  Our reputation extends beyond the Christian community: U.S. News & World Report, Peterson’s, National Review, and others rank Wheaton in the top 100 national liberal arts colleges.  Few schools approach education with such integration of learning with faith. Few have better results. A Wheaton education builds into each graduate the ideals and skills that are invaluable in our ever-changing world: steady faith, moral integrity, critical thinking, and the capacity to learn throughout a lifetime.

Wheaton’s resources ensure that such standards are upheld: with excellent facilities and a faculty dedicated to not only teaching, but also mentoring.  The end of class never signals the end of a student’s learning.  Professors are devoted to preparing students to engage in a constantly changing world, and to experience the reality of Christ’s kingdom in it.

For these reasons, we believe, along with a thriving community, that the investment of time and resources is resoundingly worth it.

*Figures based on out-of-state tuition for all institutions.

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