The new Science Center opened in 2010.



Wheaton College is a community of thinkers, of questioners, of searchers.  We take learning seriously because it affects how we relate to ourselves, the world, and our God.  Rigorous academics challenges not only our minds but our actions, as it strengthens and widens our faith.

The liberal arts education at Wheaton College teaches students not simply what to learn, but how to learn.  As students become exposed to art, history, literature, science, business – a wonderful variety of disciplines – they understand connections and relationships in new ways.  Students can see firsthand how art history ties into politics, or how philosophy interacts with science.  In the process, students become critical learners.  Additionally, every class at Wheaton is integrated with spirituality and faith: not only might students pray together at the beginning of class, but they will see how faith impacts and influences everything from macroeconomics to nanotechnology. 

The community here is rich in intellectual debate and academic growth, and professors readily share their time outside the classroom.  With a 12 to 1 student/faculty ratio, students not only know their professors, but often meet at the cafeteria or have gatherings in a professor’s home.  Through all of this, Wheaton forms students in order to transform the world around them.

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