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After Wheaton

The influence of Wheaton College is partly measured by its alumni. We learn and live together in order to bear God’s image more fully, and do not merely seek to bring light to the world during our college years. We seek to do it our entire lives.


Thus, Wheaton’s alumni help bring God’s light all over the world, as leaders and disciples.  From leaders in ministry like Billy Graham, to politics like Dennis Hastert, to composers like David Clydesdale; from scientists to doctors to corporate leaders, our alumni strive to make a difference in the world.

  • 1,500 corporate leaders, including:
    • Burton Sorensen '55, chairman/CEO, Lord Securities
    • Bonnie Wurzbacher '77, vice-president, Coca-Cola
    • Michael Bontrager '82, founder, Chatham Financial Corporation
  • 250 government & foreign service professionals, including:
    • Dan Coats '65, former U.S. senator and U.S. ambassador, Germany  
    • Michael Gerson '86, former policy advisor and former chief speechwriter for President George W. Bush
  • 1,000 in medicine, including:
    • Arthur Ammann '58, president, Global Strategies for HIV Prevention
    • August M. Watanabe '63, vice president, Eli Lilly & Company, cardiovascular research
    • Kathy Albain '74, professor of medicine, Loyola University, Chicago
    • David Sugarbaker '75, division chief, Harvard Medical School
  • 30 college presidents or provosts, including:
    • R. Judson Carlberg '62, former president, Gordon College
    • Nathan O. Hatch '68, president, Wake Forest University
    • Niel Nielson '76 president, Covenant College
  • 3,000+ in ministry and evangelism worldwide, including:
    • Billy Graham '43, evangelist
    • Elisabeth Eliot '48, missionary and author
    • John Piper '68, author and pastor, Bethlehem Baptist Church
  • 550 in the arts, including:
    • John Nelson '63, music director, L'Esemble Orchestra de Paris
    • Wendy White Aftab '75, principal artist, Metropolitan Opera
    • David Clydesdale '75, freelance composer
    • Sylvia McNair '78, Grammy Award-winning soprano
  • 370 in science and research, including:
    • Richard Holt '56, physicist, TRW Defense Systems
    • Thomas Wittick '68, geophysicist, Lindon Exploration
    • Dawn Wright '83, geoscientist/oceanographer, Oregon State University
  • 4,700+ teachers
  • 500+ attorneys 
  • 2,300+ in business and commerce

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