Students are avid supporters of the Wheaton athletic teams.



We love to have fun.  There is something fun about running after a ball or diving into the pool, about working with a team, striving alongside each other.  Long-lasting friendships and lifetime memories are formed, as we work and play together. 

Athletics, however, are about much more than hitting a ball or throwing a pass.  Who we are on the field informs who we truly are, and who we will become.  We develop leadership skills, continuing to compete even when everything isn’t going our way; we learn discipline and character through the quiet hours perfecting technique or lifting weights.  Athletics shapes us: it encourages us to become better followers of Christ, and it encourages this in community, as we exert ourselves together. 

With 21 varsity sports, 9 club teams, and numerous intramural offerings, there are options for any level of dedication and expertise.  Whether you are the next All-American or simply want to get some exercise with friends, Wheaton’s athletics don’t only offer fun, but also memories and relationships as you become more of who God wants you to be.

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