Blanchard Lawn



A campus matters.  Every story needs a setting, a place that provides space for the characters to learn and grow, a place of inspiration and beauty.  Wheaton College’s campus furnishes such a setting, with expansive lawns and historic halls, but also the cutting edge technology each student needs to learn and interact with today’s world.  There is space here: to toss the Frisbee or play ping pong, to research at the new Science Center, to improvise at the Conservatory.  There is space to sculpt at our renovated art building or swim at the Sports and Recreation Complex: space to be yourself, to explore, to grow.

The campus is also small enough to know your professors and bump into friends wherever you go.  At a coffeehouse concert.  At our cafeteria, consistently ranked one of the best in the country.  Researching C.S. Lewis at the Wade Center or taking a break at the Beamer Center.  This campus is the backdrop to the great stories that happen here, stories that change lives and change the world.

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