Wheaton Dining Hall



We are a community of grace: we experience Christ’s grace and then share it with those around us.  We share one aspect of grace simply by living together as a community: we share meals, we enjoy profound conversations, we laugh or play games, we rejoice in great music together.  Yet, sharing grace extends beyond this.  We grow to become others-focused, and are interested in each other’s thoughts and hurts and hopes.  We seek to serve each other.  This is part of our Community Covenant, a promise to live with responsible freedom, with integrity, and with Christ-like love.

There are a multitude of ways in which students enjoy and grow in this community.  We have numerous clubs which allow students to express themselves through their gifts, to give back to those around us, and to simply have fun.  Regularly, we have events like the Talent Show or Class Films where students gather to laugh and celebrate each other’s talents.  And, undergirding all of our actions and fun is a robust belief in Christ.  We support and pray for one another – we love one another – because of the grace and love Christ has first shown us.

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