Students serve around the world.



We stand on the shoulders of giants.  At Wheaton, we have a rich tradition of faith-filled men and women who have been changed here, and then have continued living out Wheaton’s motto: For Christ and His Kingdom.  We live out our faith within this tradition, relying on those who have come before us. 

Truly, faith is meant to be experienced in community.  Our community gathers together regularly at chapel, to study God’s word, worship together, and learn from those ahead of us on their journeys.  In class, we wrestle with hard questions, we pray together, we support each other.  Through programs like Discipleship Small Groups, students have the chance to share intensely with a group or men or women.  These programs exist to aid students as they mature in their faith, but students constantly share informally – late at night in the dorms or discussing a class on their way to lunch – as we, together, continue to work out our salvation.

We also go out into the world.  Wheaton has many programs where students can partner with local ministries and tutor nearby students, or work sports camps in Chicago, or serve around the globe, from empowering churches in Zambia to volunteering at a hospital in Bolivia.  As we grow in our faith, we follow the lead of the giants before us: helping others experience the reality of Christ’s kingdom.

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