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All prospective Wheaton students are assigned to an admissions counselor, based on last name. Admissions counselors lead information sessions on campus, conduct admission interviews, represent Wheaton off campus at college fairs, and are equipped to walk with you throughout the admissions process. Please browse below to learn about your admissions counselor and contact him or her with any questions you have about Wheaton.


Christy Krumsieg Christy Krumsieg
Admissions Counselor

During my time as a Wheaton student, I continually discovered the beauty of those around me.  Students, professors, and staff invited me into their lives, sharing moments of elation and feelings of failure, quirky personalities and penetrating insights.  These relationships keep on shaping, challenging, and encouraging me to know Christ more fully.  I look forward to discovering a bit of your personality and helping you get to know Wheaton College better!

Jonathan Heidengren Jonathan Heidengren
Admissions Counselor

My experience here at Wheaton was one that has changed my life forever. I grew so much in my four years as a student, as I was challenged academically, spiritually, and relationally, preparing me for life and work. It has been such a blessing being a part of this community, for the quality people here are what make Wheaton such a special place. Get excited because I can't wait to get to know and serve you and help you learn more about this college and its community!

Henry Shuffle Henry Shuffle
Senior Admissions Counselor

When people ask what I think of my Wheaton experience, I tell them I can’t imagine having gone anywhere else!  Please drop me a line, especially if you’re in my alphabet pool or you are a prospective transfer student.  My favorite part of the job is talking with students.  Let me know if you have questions about applying or if you’d like to hear about my Wheaton experience.  Maybe you would like to connect with a professor or department?  I can help with that.  God bless you in your college search!

Johnmark Smith Johnmark Smith
Senior Admissions Counselor

Welcome to the college adventure—I’m so glad that you’re considering Wheaton College! I am excited to get to know you and hear the story that led you to consider joining the Wheaton experience. My story brought me from Southeast Asia to Wheaton as an undergrad student where I studied Christian Education and Ministry and was impacted by some of the most amazing men and women I’ve ever met: professors, students and staff. I’d love to share more with you and answer any questions you might have.

Becky Wilson Becky Wilson
Admissions Counselor
(MKs, TCKs, and International Students)

By my senior year in high school I had lived in Iran, Germany, England, and Peru. I was looking for a college with an international perspective where I could grow in my faith, be challenged academically, and make lifelong friends. Wheaton was a perfect fit! I would love to introduce you to this unique campus. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you have--I look forward to meeting you!

Raashon Daniels Raashon Daniels
Admissions Counselor
(Multicultural Students)

As a proud alumnus of Wheaton College, I feel it is my duty to give back to the school. One of the greatest ways to accomplish this is by sharing my Wheaton experience with prospective students. I would love the opportunity to talk with you--about the college and about my personal experience as a student here. I look forward to meeting you and helping you in any way that I can. May the Lord bless you and guide you as you search out His will with regards to your education. Peace!

Debbie Rodgers Debbie Rodgers
Conservatory Admissions Counselor
(Conservatory of Music Students)

Going on retreats and tours with the Concert Choir were among my favorite experiences as a Wheaton student. There are many opportunities, whether you're preparing for a professional music career or just want to participate in one of the ensembles. Log on to WETN and watch a concert. While you're on the website, check out the conservatory pages, too. Feel free to contact me with any questions. I'd love to hear from you.

Milli Bishop Milli Bishop
Campus Visit Coordinator

Coming to campus is one of the best ways to get a feel for Wheaton. I look forward to planning a visit for you that enables you to make an informed college choice. Feel free to contact me with any questions!

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