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Refer to the following guidelines before completing the application form.

  • Transfer applicants are those who have graduated from high school and will have completed 15 post-graduation semester hours or more of college credit from an accredited institution.
  • Please Note: Transfer status does not include those students who have not yet graduated from high school, regardless of the number of college credits earned, nor does it include students who have graduated from high school but will have earned less than 15 semester hours of post-high school college credit. 
  • Conservatory applicants: You may apply to the College of Arts and Sciences or to the Conservatory of Music, but not both. If you wish to pursue a Bachelor of Music or a Bachelor of Music Education, please apply to the Conservatory of Music. 
  • International students: If you are not a U.S. citizen or permanent resident, you will need to complete the International Student application. 
  • If you have already earned a bachelor's degree, please contact the Admissions Office before applying.


In order to submit the online application, you will need to pay the $50 application fee by credit card, debit card, or by online check. If you plan to submit a paper application, please send a check or money order payable to Wheaton College. Credit card payment is not accepted for applications submitted by mail. The application fee is non-refundable.


Please see instructions on page 4 of the application. All transfer applicants are required to answer essay questions one and two, as well as an additional essay.


1. Online (will be available by mid-July) 
2. PDF 

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