Submit Test Scores



  • For those with 60+ credits of completed college coursework: you are not required to submit a test, either ACT or SAT.
  • For those with fewer than 60 credits of completed college coursework: you are required to submit either SAT or ACT test scores, including the writing section. All test scores must be sent directly from the testing company. If you have not already done so, request that your scores be sent to Wheaton College. Wheaton's code number for the SAT is 1905; the code number for the ACT is 1160. Do not send your student copy of the score report. Wheaton uses the highest critical reading, math, and writing scores from any sitting of the SAT test and/or the highest composite and writing ACT scores.
  • Authorize the testing agency to send: ACT and/or SAT Scores, including the writing section.
    Note: Scores reported on your high school transcript are not considered official. However, if you received an application fee waiver, you may request that we make an exception.

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