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Transfer applicants are required to submit transcripts from all post-secondary institutions, whether or not credit was earned or grades were received. Post-secondary transcripts should be sent directly from the institution to the Wheaton College Admissions Office electronically (through Parchment, Naviance, or by email to or by mail to the address below.

Wheaton College
Undergraduate Admissions
501 College Ave.
Wheaton, IL 60187


A high school transcript is also required. The transcript should include grades earned, class rank (if available), and GPA. If your high school allows, please send your official transcript in a signed and sealed high school letterhead envelope with the other supporting documents for your application. Otherwise, please request that these items be sent directly to the Admissions Office from your high school.

Homeschooled students: If you were homeschooled for any part of high school, submit the Homeschool Information Form (PDF) with a transcript signed by a homeschool official.


Wheaton College welcomes students who wish to transfer from another college. Most credits earned at another accredited college will transfer to Wheaton if the courses are applicable to a liberal arts program. Courses of a vocational or technical nature or courses in which a D grade was earned are not transferable. Courses taken at an unaccredited college may receive some credit with the approval of the Registrar. The College reserves the right to decide the acceptability and applicability of degrees and credits earned at other institutions. Grades for credits accepted for transfer courses are not included when determining a student's cumulative grade point average at Wheaton.

Students who transfer from a community college can transfer a maximum of 62 semester hours of credit. Courses taken at two-year colleges may not be used to satisfy Wheaton's upper division course requirement.

A maximum of 30 semester hours of credit earned by correspondence or extension may be applied toward a degree. Such work should be taken only from well-recognized correspondence programs through accredited institutions. Students interested in taking correspondence courses should receive approval from the Registrar's Office before registering for the courses.

Accepting courses for transfer and applying them toward degree requirements are separate considerations. Courses may transfer as elective credits but not be applicable to specific requirements. Transfer students are expected to meet all graduation requirements and general education requirements as listed in the appropriate sections of the catalog. Students may be requested to supply specific course information for a department in order to receive transfer credit. In some cases, students may be requested to take additional courses if the department determines that the necessary areas of study were not included.

General education graduation requirements include passing a foreign language competency exam. If some foreign language has been taken at another college, students may continue that language at a level recommended by the department. Passing the final exam in an intermediate foreign language course at Wheaton will meet the competency requirement. Students who have completed one semester of intermediate language at another college must verify competency by taking Wheaton's competency exam. Transfer students who, before enrolling at Wheaton, completed at least one year at the intermediate level will be considered to have met the competency requirement. Once initial enrollment at Wheaton occurs, the competency exam must be passed even if the student takes an advanced level language course at another college.

Sophomore transfer students must meet the general education requirement of 14 credits in Bible as described under Biblical Content and Studies in Faith and Reason in the catalog.* Junior and senior transfer students may exclude the BITH 111 course making their requirement 12 hours. Transferred courses which are equivalent to Wheaton's required Bible and Theology courses may be used to meet the requirement.

Transfer students seeking Illinois teacher certification are expected to take all required 300- and 400-level education courses at Wheaton. Exceptions may be granted with departmental approval.

Courses that have been taken more than eight years prior to transferring to Wheaton are subject to department approval for transfer if they are to be used to meet any general education, major, minor, or teacher education requirements.

*A complete description of the General Education Requirements is found in the Wheaton College Catalog.

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