Arena Theater's Mission Statement


Arena Theater’s mission is to nurture and develop whole and effective theater artists within an intentionally Christ-centered theater community, and to create theater together that reflects and engages the broader Wheaton College community, while giving vigorous attention to Jesus’ two great commandments (Matt 22: 37-40) in all that we do.

Given the specific tasks inherent in the process of theater making, our responsibility to love God and our neighbor is far reaching. Our vision challenges us to build loving and accountable relationships within our Arena Theater community, and further implies careful consideration and respect for the characters we portray, the plays and playwrights we serve, and the audiences who come to share our work with us. We want to encourage and empower our graduates to live lives that model committed engagement with their faith, with one another, and with the arts in communities throughout the world.

Theater operates most powerfully on the scale of the individual human being, and at the level of our shared and ongoing questions. In Arena Theater we strive to produce theater that neither diminishes (through generalization or oversimplification) nor aggrandizes (by denying God’s sovereignty and His efficacy in the world) the human being. Rather, we seek to present theater that deals responsibly with questions of good and evil asked in the context of stories that will in turn reflect and engage our audience.

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